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3 Top Animal Video Templates for Final Cut Pro X

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Get ready to create amazing animal video with our top templates for Final Cut Pro X. Whether you want to make super cute Instagram posts with your pet, or create something for an animal charity, we’ve got you covered.

'Animal' - available from Envato Elements'Animal' - available from Envato Elements'Animal' - available from Envato Elements
'Animal' - available from Envato Elements

3 Top Animal Video Templates for Final Cut Pro X 

Here are some of our favourite templates for Final Cut Pro X from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

1. Instagram Live

A clean Final Cut Pro X template featuring full colour control and a speedy rendering time. There’s a step-by-step video tutorial included in case you need some help getting started, and updates are free!

2. Pets Care and Veterinarian 

A very cute FCPX template with 12 ready-made backgrounds scenes, editable text and colour control. You won’t need any plugins for this and there’s a help file included. A link to the font and illustrations used is also provided with the download.

3. Instagram Stories

This is a big, comprehensive pack made specially for Instagram Stories. There are over 50 pre-made templates to choose from, each of a 30 second duration. A link to the soundtrack used in the preview is included.

More Resources…

Try some more pet perfect assets for your video. They’re all from Envato Elements so they’re included in a monthly subscription.

Animals – Music Track

A gentle piece that swells to something dramatic, inspirational and hopeful.

Flat Design Animals Icons Set

A cute set of 48 flat animal icons including both domestic and wild animals.

Flat Design Animals Icons SetFlat Design Animals Icons SetFlat Design Animals Icons Set
Flat Design Animals Icons Set

Cat Meow Font

A very cute display font with clip art included – it features pointed ear and paw print effects.

Cat Meow FontCat Meow FontCat Meow Font
Cat Meow Font

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