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15 Top Logo Animation Templates for Final Cut Pro X (Reveals, Stingers)

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An animated logo can drastically increase the professionalism of your video project, reinforcing your brand to your viewers and potential clients in a memorable way. Envato Elements has a great selection of high quality logo stings and reveal templates for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion that can help.

Top Logo Stings and Reveals for Final Cut Pro from Envato Elements

If you're an avid video creator looking for the best video templates to save you hours of work, Envato Elements is the place. With the subscription you'll get unlimited downloads of premium creative assets, including logo reveal templates for Final Cut Pro. Envato Elements also includes broadcast packages, openers, titles, stock video, photos, audio, and templates for Final Cut's motion graphics partner-program, Apple Motion.

Let's take a look at a selection of the top logo stings and reveals for Final Cut Pro. Make sure you play the preview so you'll see what we're talking about.

1. Glitch Logo Reveals For Final Cut

Glitch animations are a hot trend this year, we see them everywhere in videos. This attractive logo sting has a dynamic animation and you can use it for any project.

2. Water Splash Logo FCPX

We like this logo reveal for Final Cut for its unique and realistic animation. You can edit the background and choose a light or dark version. Use this really cool water splash logo reveal for your projects.

3. Cinematic Grunge Logo

This Cinematic Grunge Logo is perfect if you produce videos about movies and the cinematic world. It will give your logo an authentic movie theatre feel thanks to the grunge effect.

4. Logo Reveal FCPX

Logo Reveal for Final Cut Pro is a beautiful animation of tangled textured ropes that cleanly fade out showing off your logo.

5. Elegant Corporate Logo

I really like this template: Elegant Corporate Logo is an understated, high-quality, minimal animation that lets your logo take the spotlight.

6. Clean Liquid Logo

A fun hand-drawn animation that adds a playful touch to your logo. You can add your own media as a background, which gives you logo a nice counterpoint to the cartoon-style of the template.

7. Stylish Logo

Stylish Logo is a modern and elegant particle design making use of a circle and square logo. A high-quality template with smooth, clean animation and stunning logo reveal. It’s easy to use: just replace the template with your logo, edit the colour to your taste and hit render.

8. 4K Logo Reveal

Let your logo be displayed as a flash of energetic sparks and tasteful light leaks. Adjust the colour to your liking and enjoy. 4K Logo Reveal comes with a helpful tutorial.

9. Logo Reveal

Logo Reveal has some similarities with Elegant Corporate Logo, but add bright particles and a completely different colour scheme (featuring a golden ember as its main tone). This template is tasteful, and it has enough class to work for a large range of projects.

10. Car and Racing

This is one of the more specific themed templates on this list. Not only is a great logo reveal, it also comes loaded with a title screen and a side-by-side to do in-depth comparisons of your favourite automobiles.

11. Simple Shapes

Another great hand drawn animation template to bring your logo to another life. A combination of fun explosions and liquid aesthetics make Simple Shapes one of my favourite logo reveals for any channel that has a fun and positive vibe to it.

 12. Clean Photo Openers - Logo Reveal

This short photo opener is a fantastic way to present your images, photos, and your logo. Clean Photo Opener is perfect for your intros, and boasts a very stylish logo reveal. This pack is specially designed to be versatile.

13. Ember Sparks

Simple and to the point, but not for everything. Ember Sparks would be great for a channel with a mystical or magic theme to it.

14. FCP Minimal Logo Stings

This logo reveal for Final Cut Pro is perfect if you're looking for a minimalist and simple template that gets the job done. There are no distracting elements in here, so the center of attention is your logo.

15. Glitch Logo VHS Style

Here's another glitch template to close the selection of the top logo reveal templates for Final Cut. This is another popular item because it's easy to customize, you have total control on the effects and colors and it comes in 4K resolution 30FPS.

If You Need a New Logo

In the market for a brand new logo? Make sure to check out Envato Studio, where you can work directly with the designer of your choice to create an affordable new logo design, and PlaceIt, an Envato service that includes an online logo maker.

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