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20 Top Final Cut Pro Logo Animation Templates (Reveals, Stingers)

A Final Cut Pro logo animation can make a captivating opener for your project. Here's a collection of great, easy-to-use premium Final Cut Pro logo templates from Envato Elements for 2023.

The items you saw above are great examples of premium Final Cut Pro logo stings from Envato Elements. An animated logo can drastically increase the professionalism of your video project, reinforcing your brand to your viewers and potential clients in a memorable way.

Remember that Envato Elements has a great selection of high quality logo stings and reveal templates for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion that can help.

More Logos for Final Cut Pro (Stings and Reveals from Envato Elements)

If you want to see even more of Envato Elements' offer of premium Final Cut Pro templates in action, check these out. Make sure you play the preview so you'll see what we're talking about.

Know that with your Envato Element subscription you'll get unlimited downloads of premium creative assets, including logo reveal templates for Final Cut Pro. It also includes broadcast packages, openers, titles, and templates for Final Cut's motion graphics partner-program, Apple Motion.

1. Aurora Lights Logo for Final Cut Pro

Harness all the beauty and power of the Northern Lights and inject it to your logo. It's an Ultra HD Final Cut Pro template that's fully customizable to fit your own brand. You don't need extra plugins to use it and there's a help guide included.

2. Hand Logo for Final Cut Pro

Who said your logo reveal or logo sting couldn't be fun, dynamic, and a little bit quirky? Hand Logo features two hands that come from either side of the frame and fist bump and squash your logo, making a mess!

3. Graffiti Logo for Final Cut Pro

Graffiti is an art-form normally related to urban settings. If you feel that it represents the creative side of your brand, you could use this premium Final Cut template. With it, you can include your logo and edit 2 text placeholders.

4. Digital Glitch Logo for Final Cut Pro

If you work in tech or simply like that aesthetic, the Digital Glitch Logo is a beautiful option. It features a logo placeholder, moving shapes, and glitches. It will be so dynamic and energetic that your audience won't be able to take their eyes off it.

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