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10 Top Logo Reveal Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve (Motion Graphics)

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If you use DaVinci Resolve and are looking for premium logo reveal templates you can customise to show off your logo in interesting and professional ways, we've got just the thing for you.

10 Top Logo Reveal Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve10 Top Logo Reveal Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve10 Top Logo Reveal Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve

Today we take a look at ten of the best logo reveal template for DaVinci Resolve found at Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited creative assets as part of the subscription.

10 Top Logo Reveal Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve

1. Scribble Grunge Distortion Logo

Scribble Grunge Distortion Logo offers dynamically animated scribbles, grunge and distortion effects that showoff your logo brilliantly. Just drop in your logo into the template and change the colour scheme to make this versatile template your own.

2. Particle Burst Logo Reveal DaVinci Resolve

This Particle Burst Logo Reveal DaVinci Resolve template offers dynamism and creative flair to liven up your video opening scenes. Great for all types of projects and businesses. There's a video tutorial included incase you lose your way when customising this template.

3. Fast Logo

A technology-themed DaVinci Resolve template, Fast Logo reveal offers a stylish futuristic design. To customise just replace the placeholder with your own logo and add text if needed.

4. Thunder Light Logo Reveal

Thunder Light Logo Reveal offers two equally compelling logo reveals in one package, one offers a cityscape background and the other a lighting riddled cloudy sky. You'll definitely impress your audience with this dynamic animated logo reveal.

5. Hand Drawn Brush Scribble Logo

Looking for a fun DaVinci Resolve logo reveal template? How about Hand Drawn Brush Scribble Logo with its playful brush and crayon stop-motion effects that surround and enhance your logo. To customise, all you need to do is drop in your logo into the template, change the colours as needed, render your clip and your job is done.

6. Glitch Logo for DaVinci Resolve

Glitch Logo for DaVinci Resolve is an excellent logo reveal for create an eyecatching intro for your next video project. Fast paced and attention grabbing this logo reveal is an excellent way to highlight your logo. 

7. Spotlight Logo Reveal

Shine a spotlight on your logo when you use this Spotlight Logo Reveal. It includes lovely smoke effects for atmosphere and a few different lighting designs to choose from.

8. Logo Reveal - Strips Opener

Logo Reveal - Strips Opener is a bit of a departure from the other logos featured here. With it's emphasis on images and cool transitions, the logo reveal template is a great choice for photographers and image makers of all types. 

9. Glow Particles Logo Reveal

Glow Particles Logo Reveal is a gorgeous Davinci Resolve template that offers four different options for showing off your logo. Each option features glowing neon design that is perfect for highlighting your own logo. 

10. Butterfly Logo Reveal

The Butterfly Logo Reveal is an enchanting way to show off your logo. This seven second logo features yellow butterflies flying towards the centre of the screen where your logo is revealed in a burst of light. A lovely choice of logo reveal for more lighthearted video productions.

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