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8 Top Logo Sting Animation Templates for Premiere Pro


A logo sting is a quick, animated logo video. Displaying a static logo adds your brand, but it doesn't help hold your audience's attention or create a memorable graphic design for the show the way an animation does.

Top 3 Logo Animations Stings for Adobe Premiere
Logo Identity Premiere Pro gets the nod for the best Adobe Premiere logo animation in this round-up.

8 Top Logo Sting Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro From Envato Elements

Envato Elements features templates for popular video editing apps like After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Even for rookie video editors, these templates can help you create professional videos by giving you an easy-to-use starting point. For pros, templates can help you save time and reach a broader clientele. In this article we're focusing on the best-of-the-best Premiere logo sting templates projects that you'll find in the Elements library.

Unlimited downloads of Premiere Pro logo reveal templates
Unlimited downloads of Premiere Pro logo reveal templates from Envato Elements

For a monthly subscription, download as many Premiere Pro templates as you need for your projects. Elements includes templates for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, video stock footage and more. Here are our top picks for Premiere Pro logo sting video templates.

1. Top Corporate Logo Intro for Adobe Premiere: Business Logo Reveals

If you need to do a modern and clean logo reveal for a formal business, this is the Premiere Pro template for you.

The Business Logo Reveals template comes in Full HD resolution, 30 FPS, and includes a tutorial.

  • Who it's for: anyone working in corporate offices that need a new logo sting
  • Why we like it: it's easy to customize and comes with three logo placeholders.

2. Top Trending Logo Intro for Adobe Premiere: Glitch Distortion Logo Intro

The Glitch Distortion Logo Intro follows the latest glitch effect trends. It features dynamically animated distortion, scribbles, grunge and glitching effects that come together to reveal your logo.

  • Who it's for: anyone who's looking for a trending logo reveal
  • Why we like it: it's easy to use and doesn't require any extra plugins

3. Top Youtube Logo Intro: Youtube Logo For Premiere Pro

The Youtube Logo is a neat project with universal expressions. It's easy and simple to customize. Just change colors, add your logo, text and hit render.

This logo intro template comes in 4K and Full HD resolutions. It includes 2 versions and a step by step tutorial. 

  • Who it's for: a YouTube content creator looking for a clean logo reveal for their channel
  • Why we like it: it's quick to customize and render; and it doesn't require extra plugins

4. Top Simple Logo Intro for Adobe Premiere: Logo Identity Premiere Pro

Logo Identity Premiere Pro is our top choice for simple logo intro project. It's quick and easy, and it looks great. Drop your static logo image into the template and watch it smoothly tumble on screen. Elegant without pretense and dynamic without being dizzying, this logo animation is the perfect complement to your branding.

  • Who it's for: Anyone who needs to animate their logo with studio-quality style
  • Why we like it: Easy to use and quick to watch, Logo Identity gives you the flexibility to display any logo in seconds

5. Top Logo Intro With Particle Effects: Particle Burst Logo Reveal

A burst reveal is a fiery visual sure to grab the viewer's attention. Give your logo the spark it needs with Particle Burst Logo Reveal: our top particle effects logo sting for Adobe Premiere. Simply add your logo graphic and let the template do the rest.

  • What it's for: Projects and businesses that need a little extra flair with their logo
  • Why we like it: Particle effects are powerful, but and they can be tricky to use: this project make it easy

6. Top Animated Text Sting: Quick Title Sting

Quick Title Sting is great if you don't have a logo, or if your logo is text-based. It's a simple but dynamic animation that looks far better than static text. Featuring dazzling lens flare, your title will emerge from the haze into the center of attention.

  • Who it's for: Anyone who needs to animate a text title
  • Why we like it: It's simple, but adds a level of production value even to the most basic projects

7. Top Clean Logo Intro for Adobe Premiere: Clean Logo Reveal

Sometimes you just need a clean logo intro that gets the job done. The Clean Logo Reveal uses geometric figures and simple lines to reveal your logo.

  • Who it's for: anyone who needs a simple and effective logo reveal
  • Why we like it: it includes 12 social media icons to add to your video

8. Top Grand Logo Intro for Adobe Premiere: Epic Logo - Premiere Pro

Are you about to present a new project? A new brand or business? Go the epic way and choose a logo intro reveal to impress. 

The Epic Logo Premiere Pro template will deliver a unique and attractive way to present your project.

  • Who it's for: anyone who needs an epic logo reveal for an exciting project
  • Why we like it: it doesn't require extra plugins and it's fast to customize

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