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3 Top Animal Video Templates for Premiere Pro

You love animals, we love animals! Adore them in style with top templates for Premiere Pro. Whether you’ve an Instagram pet account, or something more professional like an animal-based business – we’ve got you covered.

'Animal' from Envato Elements'Animal' from Envato Elements'Animal' from Envato Elements
'Animal' available on Envato Elements

3 Top Animal Video Templates for Premiere Pro

Here are some of our favourite Premiere Pro from Envato Market and Envato Elements, to help you make super cute animal videos.

1. Pets Care and Veterinarian | Premiere Pro MOGRT

With 12 ready-made scenes this Premiere Pro template is suitable for presentations, explainers or for social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. You won’t need any plugins to use it and it’s easy to edit.

2. Pet Products Promo for Premiere

A pet-themed Premiere Pro template with a cute and colourful design. You can use it to promote your pet-related business and products on Instagram and other social media. It includes a horizontal, square and vertical version of the template.

3. Instagram Stories | For Premiere Pro

This is a huge pack with over 1000 elements divided into categories. Perfect for your animal-themed posts, this template set for Premiere Pro will let you change the text, colours and sizes, easily!

Try More…

Here are some more great animal themed templates you might find useful. They’re all from Envato Elements so they’re included in a monthly subscription.

Animal Vlog

A fun header for animal-themed websites, web banners or landing pages.

animal vlog from Envato Elementsanimal vlog from Envato Elementsanimal vlog from Envato Elements
Animal Vlog from Envato Elements

65 Animated Animal Icons

65 adorable, animated animal icons for After Effects. Try saying that a few times fast.

Kitten Lover Cute Display Font

If posting cute pets is your thing then you could do worse than try this super-cute font. It’s like visual candyfloss.

Kitten Lover font available from Envato ElementsKitten Lover font available from Envato ElementsKitten Lover font available from Envato Elements
Kitten Lover font available from Envato Elements

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