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3 Top Baby Video Slideshow Templates for After Effects

Baby videos giving you teething problems? Try our baby video slideshow templates for great results every time.

If you’re taking pictures of a baby yourself, to use in the slideshow, here are some of our top tips to get the best results you can:

  • Keep backgrounds plain and uncluttered. If a room looks busy, try draping some blankets to soften it up.
  • Avoid flash if you can, it can startle the baby and often adds harsh shadows.
  • Props are cute and popular, but make sure there are no sharp edges or anything the baby can roll off or into. You might want to consider making sure everything is machine washable too…

 Top Slideshow Templates for Baby Videos

1. Baby Slideshow

Elegant and colourful, Baby Slideshow for After Effects is perfect for baby shower invites, to use as a photo album, or to make regular updates for family and friends about the little one. The existing elements are pre-rendered to make your render time quicker. Available from Envato Elements.

2. Baby Slideshow

With hand-painted watercolour illustrations used in this template, it certainly has the personal touch. There are two versions included, as are links to the fonts used in the example. Available from Envato Elements.

3. Baby Slideshow Template

Perfect in pastels, this After Effects slideshow is easy to customise and use, just pop your photos or footage into the placeholders. There’s a link to the free don’t used in the template included in the download.  Available from Envato Market.

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