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10 Top Character Animation Kits for After Effects: Cartoon Bone Rigging Templates

Get ready to animate your very own character for your video project, with our top character rigging kits from Envato Elements.

What are Bone-Rigged Character Animations?

Character animations are figures brought to life with movement. Rigged characters go a step further, with extra movement controls for aspects like limbs and facial features. Rigging is made by creating a sort of bone structure which is then used to move the character, a bit like a puppet!

On this page we take a look at ten of the best Character Animation Kits, including rigged animations, for After Effects, available from Envato: we review premium templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

10 Top Character Animation Kits for After Effects 

Featured Template Pack: Rigmo — Rigged Character Animation Mockup

Rigging your characters manually can be time-consuming. This customisable, pre-rigged character template gives your a head start — meaning less time setting bones and more time creating your animation.

Project Details

This project was created by Envato Elements author creartdesign.

Requirements: Depending on your project, this template may benefit from optional additional plugins  or software (example: Cartoon Animator)
Program Version: After Effects

Key Features

Eight unique characters with movement and expressions. There are eight After Effects files with rigging systems for 40 character animations. There's also a video tutorial included with commentary and subtitles to help you get started.

Download and Try 

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited After Effects templates, stock video, audio, images, motion graphics and more.

The template pack Rigmo — Rigged Character Animation Mockup is included with a subscription to Envato Elements.

More Top Character Animation Templates from From Envato Elements

Unlimited downloads from Envato Elements mean you can try as many After Effects templates as you like, so if the above template isn't quite your style, no worries! Here are some great alternatives.

Character Design Animation ToolkitCharacter Design Animation ToolkitCharacter Design Animation Toolkit
Character Design Animation Toolkit

After Effects Character Animation Templates on Envato Market

If an Elements subscription doesn't fit your project or you don't find what you need, with After Effects templates from Envato Market you can help keep your work on time, on budget, and professional. Here are some great character animation kits for After Effects from Envato Market:

Character Animation Explainer Toolkit — $59

There are over 30 pre-made characters in this toolkit, which you can use as a starting point to customise, or you can build your own. Modify character length, body proportions, clothes, accessories and much more. There's 180 degree character rotation and two rigs included to control limbs.

Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit — $45

10 pre-made, fully customizable characters with over 100 loopable animations and rigged characters. Some actions you can choose from include: driving a car, waving, riding a bike, and sitting down.

Turnaround Character Animation Toolkit — $49

This AE animation toolkit lets you move characters in all eight directions with its full-rigged character module. Characters can interact with a scene and react with a range of expressions.

Animal Character Animation Explainer Toolkit — Sale: $39 (usually $59!)

Something a little different, try this animation toolkit featuring animals instead of people. There are more than 20 pre-made animal characters and you can change body size, facial expressions, textures and more. There's also an advanced character rig to help you create your own animations.

Animal Character Animation Explainer ToolkitAnimal Character Animation Explainer ToolkitAnimal Character Animation Explainer Toolkit
Animal Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

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