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10 Top Fitness Scene Animation Templates for After Effects (Yoga+)

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Scene situations play out scenarios with animated characters, and you can change elements of those to suit your video. In this article we’ll show you ten of our favourite After Effects animation templates featuring fitness scenes, from Envato Elements.

Fitness Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

Yoga workout — Scene Situation

Featured Scene Animation Template From Envato Elements

A colourful scene situation featuring a variety of characters in yoga poses with different workout backgrounds like a back yard, a city, a swimming pool and more. Change the colours to suit your video.

Key Features

Easily customise this animation with After Effects to fit your own project.

  • Applications: After Effects
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: DesignSells

Download and Try

Envato Elements has unlimited downloads for millions of creative stock items with a single subscription, including hundreds of After Effects templates, plus audio tracks, fonts, graphics, presets and more.

Yoga workout — Scene Situation is available with a subscription to Envato Elements:

More Fitness Scene Situations

Want to try a few different options? With Envato Elements you can download as many After Effects templates as you like as part of the subscription. Here are some more great type templates available from Elements

Fitness — Scene Situation

A series of yoga poses including fitness equipment like a step, weights, medicine ball, mats and more.

Summer Trekking — Scene Situation

Get fit in the great outdoors. This scene situation features hiking and camping.

Sport — Scene Situation

This After Effects fitness scene situation includes pullups, weight lifting, boxing and more!

Fitness — Scene Situation 

This fitness scene situation for After Effects has cycling, riding exercise and real bikes, skipping, weights and pullups. You'll feel like you've had a workout just watching the animated characters do their thing.

Meditation — Scene Situations 

Fitness isn't all about going a million miles an hour. Balance it out with mediation and inner cultivation, which is the feature of this After Effects scene situation.

Fitness training — Scene Situation 

Change the colours to suit your After Effects video with this scene situation featuring  animated characters with large limbs and tiny heads. They jog, weight-lift, box and more.

Outdoor fitness — Scene Situation 

This animation template focuses on fitness in the outdoors, things like free outdoor gyms and skate parks. It includes some gym stuff too for variety.

Fitness workout — Scene Situation 

Fitness Workout has two animated characters in each scene, doing various heartrate raising activities, like skipping, pullups, boxing, weights, and even a little yoga.

Family Yoga — Scene Situation

Family yoga has an animated child as well as adult character, so a variety of father and daughter figures do yoga together in rooms with different plants, water features and windows.

More Templates for After Effects

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