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10 Top Leisure and Fun Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

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Scene situations play out particular scenarios with animated characters, and you can change the colours to suit your video. In this article we’ll show you ten of our favourite animation templates featuring leisure and fun scenes from Envato Elements, where everything is included in a monthly subscription.

Animate a Leisure Scene With Templates for After Effects

Scene animations are normally in fun, ‘flat’ designs, with animation effects and backgrounds scaled down and simple. They’re really easy to include in your video and are a really fast way to make an animated scenario in After Effects.

10 Top Leisure and Fun Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

Musicians - Scene Situation

Featured Video Template From Envato Elements

This scene situation is fun and covers a whole range of instruments, from drums to a saxophone and even maracas. 

Key Features

The After Effects scene situation takes us through a number of musicians, including a jazz setup, people playing in a band, a singer with accompaniment and even a music festival. Just change the colours to suit your needs.

  • Applications: After Effects
  • Requirements: none
  • Author: Cityturtles

Download and Try

Envato Elements has unlimited downloads for millions of creative stock items with a single subscription, including hundreds of video templates for After Effects, plus audio tracks, fonts, graphics, presets and more.

The video template: Musicians - Scene Situation is available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

More Fun Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

Want to try a few different options? With Envato Elements you can download as many After Effects templates as you like as part of the subscription. Here are some more available:

Birthday - Scene Situation

A fun birthday party scenario with cake, presents and balloons. What's not to love.

Recreation - Scene Situation

Explore the world, go fishing, or relax on the beach in this holiday themed scene situation for After Effects.

Celebration - Scene Situation

Another party scene situation featuring two characters making a toast, giving gifts and more.

Camping - Scene Situation

All the fun of camping in one animated scene situation for After Effects. The featured characters go fishing, toast marshmallows over a fire and even try their hands at a bit of campfire singing too!

Party - Scene Situation

We love a good celebration and this After Effects scene situation is perfect for birthdays, new year, anniversaries and more. Just change the colours to suit your brand or the rest of your video.

Friends - Scene Situations

This scene situation is brand new to Envato Elements and features animated friends getting together for coffee, eating street food, drinking a glass of wine and introducing themselves to others. It's full of lovely details and deep, warm colours.

Friends - Scene SituationsFriends - Scene SituationsFriends - Scene Situations
Friends - Scene Situations / Envato Elements

Coffee house - Scene Situation 

There's nothing quite like coffee and a cake to set the world right and in this After Effects animation, a variety of characters indulge! Scenes feature coffee being poured, a drink in a takeaway cup, friends chatting over a cupcake and more.

Literature lovers - Scene Situation

Literature lovers shows reading for fun as the animated characters read in a variety of locations including on public transport, in bed, at a window and by a fire... it's enough to make you want to curl up with a good book.

Meditation - Scene Situations 

Meditation can be relaxing and fun, and in this brand new animation for After Effects, characters relax and do stretches in a range of detailed backgrounds with earthy brown, green and yellow tones.

Meditation - Scene SituationsMeditation - Scene SituationsMeditation - Scene Situations
Meditation - Scene Situations / Envato Elements

More Scene Situations for After Effects

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