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10 Top Night and Low Light Photography LUTs and Lightroom Presets

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Nighttime and low-light photography is a great way to have fun and expand your skills as a photographer. From setting up long exposures to searching for unique light sources and pushing higher ISO, there's nothing like taking your camera out for a new adventure with you. With these new creative experiences, you might be interested in a few tools, like look-up tables and presets to make a great nighttime shot even better.

In this round-up, we're covering some of our favourite Adobe Lightroom LUTs and presets designed for nighttime photography, available from Envato Elements and Envato Market

Let's take a look!

10 Top LUTs and Lightroom Presets for Night Photography

Portrait Night Street Action and Lightroom Presets

Featured LUT for Night Photography From Envato Elements

 A beautiful Lightroom preset pack filled with sharp and catchy options that play off the deeper shades, tones, and textures within your photographs. While designed for low light, these options are still incredibly versatile, allowing you to use them from anything between blogs and moody promo features.

Portrait Night Street Action and Lightroom Presets

Project Details

This project was created by Envato Elements author nmc2010.

Program version: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile
Requirements: none, no plugins needed 
File Size: 243 KB

Key Features

Easy to use design allowing you to quickly try and compare each preset.

Download and Try 

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited Lightroom Presets and more.


Envato Elements includes Portrait Night Street Action and Lightroom Presets templates.

More Top Nighttime Photography LUTs and Presets

From Envato Elements

Unlimited downloads from Envato Elements makes it easy to try as many Lightroom templates as you'd like. If you are looking for more options to round out your photographs, these presets might be everything you need:

  • Something similar: If you'd like another similar option to our featured item, consider 20 Night Life Lightroom Presets and LUTs, a powerful preset pack that allows you to easily manage the strength of the LUT applied while maintaining the integrity of skin tones.
  • For those who like to look up: Night Sky Lightroom Presets is perfect for those long exposure shots of the beautiful night sky, while you are out of the cities bright lights. This pack has 11 options that will do wonders for your photographs no matter the feel you're after.
  • Night in the city: For the those beautiful nighttime city shots, I recommend ARTA Night 2 Presets. The presets in this pack have been tested on huge variety of phones and DSLR cameras to give a wide range of creators a tool they can use despite the medium you shoot with.
  • Something a little different: 20 Apocalypse Lightroom Presets & LUTs is a little different from the rest of the presets on this list. Bold, moody and incredibly styled, to push your photos into a realm all of their own.
  • For astrophotographers: Last up from our Elements list is 20 Astro Photography Lightroom Presets, another stunning landscape option for the star seekers out there. 
LUT before and after previewLUT before and after previewLUT before and after preview
20 Apocalypse Lightroom Presets & LUTs

Lightroom Presets for Night Photography on Envato Market

An Elements subscription might not fit your project. With Lightroom Presets you can keep your post-production on a budget and still create great looks. 

20 City Night Lightroom Presets — $12

A beautiful preset pack that's been crafted to play off the beautiful darks and highlights that shine throughout city landscapes.

Night Lightroom Presets — $5

A fantastic modern pack that adds vivid pops of colours and pulls from dark tones. These presets are easy to use and are available for both desktop and mobile use!

Lightning Preset Deluxe Edition for Mobile and PC — $4

A quick preset featuring one option for both desktop and phone that elegantly boosts the visual drama of a striking lighting strike.

LUT preset before and after showing a lightning strikeLUT preset before and after showing a lightning strikeLUT preset before and after showing a lightning strike
Lightning Preset Deluxe Edition

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