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10 Top Paint Effects Templates for After Effects

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If you've always wanted to be an artist but never had the chance to nurture your talent, these paint effect templates for After Effects are for you! Load these templates in After Effects and follow the simple instructions to create artistic paint effects in your next video—no art school or years of apprenticeship required.

Top Paint Effects Templates for After Effects

Watercolor Fruits And Vegetables

Forget still life. These watercolour images of fruit and vegetables are dynamic and lifelike—you can see the colour blotches spreading on the screen like paint spilt on paper. Check out the preview below to see what I mean!

Happy Painting

Lots of paint effects just show the paint on the screen, but what's great about this one is that it shows the brushes too. It creates a mesmerising effect that your viewers will love. Use it for all your artistic After Effects projects!

Brush Paint Opener

The paintbrush effects here are subtle but effective. Watch the brushstrokes crossing the screen to reveal your next image. This one is well set up and very easy to customise in After Effects.

Brush Paint OpenerBrush Paint OpenerBrush Paint Opener

Watercolor Slideshow

There are so many variations in the paint effects available on Envato Elements. In this example, there are no brushstrokes at all—instead, the watercolour paint effects dissolve to reveal the image underneath. It's an eye-catching effect to use in your next video slideshow.

Watercolor SlideshowWatercolor SlideshowWatercolor Slideshow

Logo In Paint

Want to see your logo painted on screen? Try using this clever After Effects logo sting template. You'll see the details of your logo constructed stroke by stroke until the full logo is revealed at the end. It's a dramatic process that's sure to impress your clients.

Logo In PaintLogo In PaintLogo In Paint

Handwriting Watercolor Package

Now for some text! With this After Effects template, you get to write your own text and watch it painted on screen, alongside some beautiful watercolour compositions. The whole thing is displayed on a background of crinkled vintage paper, making this a perfect choice for anyone who wants to create an artistic retro vibe.

Handwriting Watercolor PackageHandwriting Watercolor PackageHandwriting Watercolor Package

Watercolor Journey

Open your video with this stunning set of intro effects. All you have to do is change the text and upload your images in After Effects to go alongside the animated watercolour motion graphics provided. There's a video tutorial included in case you need extra help.

Watercolor JourneyWatercolor JourneyWatercolor Journey

Graffiti Logo

We've mostly been looking at traditional artistic effects so far, but of course paint effects are also closely associated with street art. Try this logo sting to see your logo appear on a grungy brick wall alongside a mass of spray-painted graffiti. It's the perfect choice for any brand looking to create an edgy, urban vibe.

Graffiti LogoGraffiti LogoGraffiti Logo

Watercolor Background Designer

OK, back to traditional art again! Watercolour backgrounds are popular because they create such a dreamy effect when you see the colours merging on the screen as they do in these backgrounds. The effect is fully customisable in After Effects: just follow the instructions to change the colour of each paint spot and create unique effects for every video.

Watercolor Background DesignerWatercolor Background DesignerWatercolor Background Designer

Vincent | Impressionism Titles

Of course, watercolour isn't the only game in town. Check out this impressive set of titles inspired by the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. It includes a tutorial to help you create those familiar paint swirls without having to be a tortured artist like Van Gogh himself.

Vincent | Impressionism TitlesVincent | Impressionism TitlesVincent | Impressionism Titles

More Templates and Tutorials for After Effects

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Share Your Craft on the Envato Forums

Finally, if you put one of these After Effects paint effect templates to use, let us know on the Envato forums. We love to see the projects you create!

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