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10 Top Vertical Video Templates for Adobe Rush

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Want to create stylish vertical videos on your mobile phone? Then try one of these amazing vertical video templates, all of which can be customised easily in Adobe Premiere Rush.

10 Top Vertical Video Templates for Adobe Premiere Rush

100 Instagram Stories | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

If variety is what you're after, then you can't go wrong with this massive set of 100 vertical video templates for Instagram. It's perfect for beginners because it's so easy to drop in your own content, tweak the colour sliders, and add overlays. With all the different features you can customise, this single set could give you hundreds of unique results, making it easy to create fresh, engaging content for your followers every day.

100 Instagram Stories | Essential Graphics | Mogrt100 Instagram Stories | Essential Graphics | Mogrt100 Instagram Stories | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

Vertical VHS Intro

Why not mix the contemporary appeal of vertical video with some old-school glitch effects? This creative template brings together the worlds of smartphones and VHS tapes. The result is a vibrant, eye-catching set of intros that will get your videos off to the perfect start.

Vertical Multiframe VHS Intro

Or why not try the same kinds of glitches and retro overlays, but with multiple frames on screen at once? This template lets you create all sorts of different layouts, and it's very simple to use: just drag and drop your own footage into any of the 38 media placeholders using Adobe Premiere Rush.

Instagram Stories

If you want to make the most of Instagram stories, try a professional-looking vertical video template like this one. The cheerful pastel colour palette creates a positive mood that will impress your followers, whether you want to advertise a sale or just share an update.

Instagram StoriesInstagram StoriesInstagram Stories

Medical Instagram Stories and Posts

One of the great things about Envato Elements is that its huge library features templates for all sorts of niches. This Instagram story package is perfect for clinics and other healthcare professionals looking to evoke the most important quality in that industry: trust.

Medical Instagram Stories and PostsMedical Instagram Stories and PostsMedical Instagram Stories and Posts

Instagram Stories for Premiere Rush

Or why not try something cool and edgy? Although the example features skateboarders, this set of Instagram stories could work well for anyone who wants to create a high-energy urban vibe. Download the template and customise it easily in Adobe Premiere Rush.

Instagram Stories for Premiere RushInstagram Stories for Premiere RushInstagram Stories for Premiere Rush

Cryptocurrency Stories Pack

Bitcoin's price may be soaring or plummeting by the time you read this, but one thing's for sure: cryptocurrency is hot news and is here to stay. If you want to jump on the trend, this vertical video pack is the easiest way to create engaging video for your followers and clients, so that you can spend less time designing and more time trading.

Cryptocurrency Stories PackCryptocurrency Stories PackCryptocurrency Stories Pack

Instagram Stories: Marketing (MOGRT)

Here's one for the marketing gurus out there. Download multiple animated illustrations to represent various aspects of the marketing industry, such as email marketing, social media, video marketing, and more. Customise the colours and text in Adobe Premiere Rush, and start building vertical videos that will look great on mobile phones of all sizes.

Instagram Stories - Marketing (MOGRT)Instagram Stories - Marketing (MOGRT)Instagram Stories - Marketing (MOGRT)

Instagram Stories Stomp

When your followers are swiping distractedly through their Instagram stories, how do you make them stop and watch yours? With its bold text and dramatic, eye-catching effects, this template is perfect for catching people's attention in a busy social media feed.

Instagram Stories StompInstagram Stories StompInstagram Stories Stomp

Insta Stories

Let's finish with this vibrant, colourful selection of vertical video templates, perfect for use on Instagram. You get a range of ready-made designs to choose from, and all you have to do is drag and drop to customise them. Give it a try!

Insta StoriesInsta StoriesInsta Stories

More Easy-to-Use Video Templates

Share Your Craft on the Envato Forums

If you put one of these vertical video templates to use, why not share your video on the Envato forums?

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