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10 Top Templates for Videos With African Themes and Design

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If you’re using the continent of Africa as your video inspiration, then check out our ten top video templates with African themes and Africa-inspired design.

These templates are from Envato Elements, where you can download and use as many as you like for a monthly subscription.

Video Templates

1. Africa Animated Map—Africa Map Kit

This After Effects template contains seven pre-prepared scenes with a collection of markers and images for maps. Customise your map, adjust the position of geo-marks and routes, and control camera movement over your locations.

2. 201 World Countries Logo & Titles—Mega Pack

A large pack of openers and maps for After Effects, this template set includes all the countries in the world, with four versions for each.


3. African Mudcloth Patterns

Based around the tradition of dying fabric with mud, these patterns are hand-drawn and comprised of intricate motifs and symbols. Each pattern comes in several formats, so you’ll be able to use them easily across programmes.

African Mudcloth PatternsAfrican Mudcloth PatternsAfrican Mudcloth Patterns
African Mudcloth Patterns

4. Ethnic Seamless Vector Patterns

These high-quality patterns would make perfect backgrounds, as they’re seamless and can be scaled with no loss of quality. Each pattern comes in vector, JPEG and PNG formats.

Ethnic Seamless Vector PatternsEthnic Seamless Vector PatternsEthnic Seamless Vector Patterns
Ethnic Seamless Vector Patterns


5. Maroque

Maroque is a geometric font inspired by patterns fount in Moroccan culture: carpets, artwork and architecture. The set contains everything including punctuation, numbers, and international characters.


6. Zanzabar

Zanzabar is a font with a nod to Arabic script: wispy and brush-like in style. Uppercase letters are significantly bigger than lowercase, giving this font a unique style and flair.


Stock Video

7. Giraffe in Africa

In this stock video, we look up at the long, graceful neck of a giraffe before it slowly starts to walk away.

8. Map of The Africa With The Animated Background

A bright, almost neon-style map of Africa with lights slowly bursting from each country awaits you in this short stock video.

9. Green Grass Hill in Morocco, Africa

A short clip of beautiful green hills in Morocco, Africa, with passing clouds creating interesting movement and light.

10. South Africa Flags

There are two versions included in this download: ‘cloth’ and ‘grunge’. Each lasts ten seconds, and they’ll easily loop, so you can extend the duration if you need to. 

 More Inspiration for Your Videos

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