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10 Top Vertical Video Templates for Premiere Pro — to Make Shorts and Stories

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Want to create shorts for YouTube? YouTube shorts templates can help. Today we'll share the ten top YouTube shorts templates you can find at Envato Elements. 

How to Use Auto-Reframe to Make Vertical Video in Premiere Pro

Take your 16:9 footage and frame it perfectly for 4:3, 1:1, and 9: 16 for all of your TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube needs! With Premiere Pro's Auto Reframe feature, it's easy to change the aspect ratio, transform a horizontal video into a vertical video, and more. Put your manual keyframes in the bin and start using the Auto Reframe functionality in Premiere Pro to quickly and easily repurpose your content for different social media platforms. Here's how:

Top YouTube Shorts Templates for Premiere Pro

Envato Elements is a terrific resource that offers thousands of premium digital assets like video templates, mockups, logos, photos, fonts, and much more.

Top YouTube Shorts Templates for Premiere ProTop YouTube Shorts Templates for Premiere ProTop YouTube Shorts Templates for Premiere Pro

What makes this service outstanding is that for one low monthly fee, you can download as many of these digital assets as you like, as often as you like. Let's take a look at some of the terrific Premiere Pro video templates available from Envato Elements. 

Stories/YouTube Templates

This collection of 15 Premiere Pro templates offers something a bit different: the backgrounds, graphics, text, and overlays are all in black and white. That in itself is quite eye-catching, but what makes these templates work so well is that the black and white has the effect of making your colourful videos stand out even more. 


Instagram Stories For YouTubers v.2 - MOGRT

Combine this collection of Premiere Pro templates to create a dynamic and attention-getting short video for your YouTube channel. The templates offer terrific text overlays, fun animations, and much more.

Instagram Stories For YouTubers v.2 - MOGRTInstagram Stories For YouTubers v.2 - MOGRTInstagram Stories For YouTubers v.2 - MOGRT

Sport Promo Stories Pack

Sport Promo Stories Pack is an excellent Premiere Pro template for creating a short motivational sports video for YouTube. The pack includes 16 animated stories, each 15 seconds long. Use them individually or combine them to create a dynamic and riveting video.

Colorful Love Stories

Originally created for Instagram Stories, Colorful Love Stories provides you with short video templates that you can easily adapt for use on your YouTube channel. Check them out and have fun creating new and exciting short videos. 

YouTube/Instagram Travel Stories

These bold and visually stunning templates are designed specifically for travel bloggers, but really they are versatile enough to be used by anyone interested in creating short vertical videos for YouTube. The pack contains six templates, all of which are easy to customise in Premiere Pro.

Instagram Travel StoriesInstagram Travel StoriesInstagram Travel Stories

Brutalism Instagram Stories

Brutalism Stories Pack offers an excellent collection of animated short video templates that are perfect for creating YouTube shorts. Easy to customise, the template nevertheless includes a video tutorial in case you get stuck.

Brutalism Instagram StoriesBrutalism Instagram StoriesBrutalism Instagram Stories

YouTube/Instagram Stories

You have to check out this collection of Premiere Pro short video templates that offers several striking options for creating YouTube Shorts. The templates include text and colour overlays and a variety of animations that will keep your audience entertained. 

YouTube Instagram StoriesYouTube Instagram StoriesYouTube Instagram Stories

YouTube Channel Stories Pack

This energetic and upbeat collection of YouTube templates is just what you need to give your channel the professional, polished look you're after. The pack includes 15 animated videos, each of which is 15 seconds long.

YouTube Channel Stories PackYouTube Channel Stories PackYouTube Channel Stories Pack

Sports Instagram Stories

Sports Instagram Stories can be used by a wide cross-section of YouTubers to create short videos. The templates offer tons of animations, text, colour overlays, and graphic overlays, so you can create short videos your audience will want to play over and over again. 

Sports Instagram StoriesSports Instagram StoriesSports Instagram Stories

Hand Drawn for Instagram Stories and YouTube Shorts

This collection of six wonderful short video templates is just what you need when you want to stand out from the crowd. The templates use bold text, soft colours, animated brushstroke effects and more to stylishly reveal and enhance your media. A terrific way to show off your new next video.

Hand Drawn Instagram StoriesHand Drawn Instagram StoriesHand Drawn Instagram Stories

More Easy-to-Use Templates for Premiere Pro

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