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1.4 Conclusion

Thanks for taking the Affinity Photo Live Filters and Inpainting Coffee Break Course! Let's recap what you've learned and take a quick look at what's coming up next.

1.4 Conclusion

[SOUND] Thanks so much for taking this coffee break course on Affinity Photo Live Filters and Inpainting. You learned about how to use live filter layers. The difference between those and non live filters. And you learn what the inpainting tool is, how to use it and how to get around any hiccups that you might run into while you're using the tool. In the next installation in our Make the Switch to of Afinity Photo Coffee Break course, we're going to go through four quick tips on some cool little aspects of Affinity Photo that might not be obvious the first time you load up the app. Now these four tips are gonna help you to smooth out your workflow and take advantage of some of the things that Affinity Photo offers to help make everything more efficient for you. So I look forward to seeing you in the next Coffee Break Course, Affinity Photo Quick Tips. I'll see you there.

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