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1.1 Introduction

By the end of your coffee break you'll know exactly how to use both Affinity Photo's "Live Filter Layers" and its Inpainting tool. Let's take a quick look at what you'll be learning.

1.1 Introduction

[SOUND] In this installation in our make the switch to Affinity Photo coffee break course series, we're gonna be checking out Affinity photos live filter layers and it's in-painting tool. Now if you've worked with filters in other programs, you will probably have gone through the process of applying a filter and having it make a permanent change to your pixel-based layers. And then later, if you want to change the way that that filter has been applied, you can't do it. But with live filter layers, you still get to apply filters in the same way, but it's done in a completely non-destructive way, and in a way that you can change the settings at any time after applying the live filter layer. And the second thing we're gonna be checking out is Affinity Photo's in-painting tool. Now, this all is just amazing. It does probably the best job I've ever seen of removing objects and artifacts from images and making it look like they were never there in the photo to begin with. We're gonna go through how to use the tool, and we're also gonna get you around some of the gotchas that you might run into using the in-painting tool. And we're gonna go through all of this in the space of just one coffee break. So sit back and relax for the next few minutes, and we'll take you through Affinity Photo live filters and in-painting. I'll see you there

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