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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to On-Camera Performance! The goal of this course is to make you a better presenter on camera. This video offers an overview of what you will learn, and explains why good on-camera skills are so important in this digital age.

1.1 Introduction

Hi, I'm Cindy Burgess for Tuts+. Welcome to the course. I'm really excited to be sharing tips on how to be a better presenter on camera. Video is fast becoming the preferred method of communication in this digital age. We're surrounded by screens, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, and screens are the natural platform for video. No longer do you have to be an actor or TV journalist to be on camera. These days pretty much anyone can, and is. Maybe you're just shooting selfies with your smartphone to share on social media or doing video calls on Skype with friends and family. Or maybe you're like me, creating online courses and webinars to share a skill. You might even be asked to do a video interview for a job in another city or country, or for a show of some kind. Video has become the next big thing in personal branding for business. We're using it to greet visitors to our website, add a personal touch to email communications, and deliver information in blog posts. Regardless of whether we're appearing on camera for work or for play, we all want to look and sound our best. In this course, you'll learn some of the do's and don'ts for what to wear on camera. The basics of body language and professional delivery. How to craft your message, and technical tips to ensure you look and sound your best. Maybe your terrified at the very thought of being in front of a video camera, and that's completely natural, by the way. I'll give you some practical tips on how to relax and be yourself. Even if you're comfortable on camera, there are things you can learn to improve your performance. I've been working in front of the camera for more than 20 years. Over that time, I've learned a lot, sometimes the hard way, and now I wanna pass along this knowledge to you. The sheer number of video cameras around us means a new way of communicating now and in the future. So let's get you camera-ready.

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