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15 Top Logo Sting Projects for Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects is phenomenal for animation, but it comes with a tough learning curve. When you're making an introduction to your video, you don't have time to learn a new app form scratch.

Instead of learning After Effects and building your own logo animation from scratch, you can use projects from VideoHive with your own logo.These are inexpensive After Effects projects that you can drop your own logo into. The animation will still work, but shows your logo instead.

Whether you have your own YouTube channel or are making a promotional video for a new product, these assets are the shortcut to showcasing your logo in After Effects. The round-up in this tutorial will help you discover some of the most creative items on VideoHive.

Learn How

In this screencast, I'll help you see the potential of using one of the items in this tutorial. You'll see me take one of the After Effects projects and drop in my own logo to create an eye-catching intro.

Popular Logo Sting Projects for After Effects

Now, let's take a look at my recommended files to get you inspired.

1. Light Glitch Logo Reveal

This asset is an eye-catcher. The logo comes onto screen in the midst of bright, flashing lights.

Good for: a dramatic and intense intro for a more serious video.

Light Glitch Logo RevealLight Glitch Logo RevealLight Glitch Logo Reveal

2. Simple Logo Reveal

This animated logo drop in is quick, clean, and to the point.

Good for: a simple, professional introduction for your company's logo.

3. Quick Logo Reveal

In this file, the logo cuts through a brief cloud of smoke and appears quickly on the viewport. If you want a quick introduction, this is a great choice.

Good for: cutting straight to the point of showing off a logo.

Quick Logo RevealQuick Logo RevealQuick Logo Reveal

4. Logo 3D Levels

This is a great animation that brings a flat logo more dimension and depth. Your logo will rotate and is lit dynamically in After Effects.

Good for: a high-tech, logo-focused video.

Logo 3D LevelsLogo 3D LevelsLogo 3D Levels

5. Colorful Particles Logo Reveal II

This project reminds me of a watercolor effect. Logos cut through the range of colors and appear out of the burst.

Good for: a unique and colorful logo.

6. Colorful Butterfly Logo Reveal

In this project, your logo will emerge from swam of animated butterflies. This is definitely a unique asset that can't be used for every scenario, but it is extremely well done.

Good for: standing out from the crowd.

7. Cinematic Logo Toolkit Pro

This intro is reminiscent of an Indiana Jones film, with your logo shown as a deeply engraved tablet with dynamic lighting.

Good for: a rustic, brightly lit introduction of your logo.

8. Stamp It

This animation shows your logo as a stamp, with your own asset applied to paper by an animated wooden stamp.

Good for: a corporate, more serious logo showcase.

9. Waving Logo on Flag

Here's another unique asset: your logo waving in the wind on realistic flags. I could see using this asset for a corporate, global production.

Good for: a realistic reproduction of your logo on flags.

Waving Flag LogoWaving Flag LogoWaving Flag Logo

10. Ultimate Movie Logo

This asset is very well-done, and reminiscent of something you would see in an action film. The advantage is that you can drop your own logo into this bombastic intro!

Good for: a silver screen introduction for a fraction of the cost.

11. Incandescent Epic Reveal

This is another asset that would fit right in a video game or action movie. The logo flies onto the slide with explosive lighting and fire effects.

Good for: a dark, earthy introduction using your logo.

Incandescent Epic RevealIncandescent Epic RevealIncandescent Epic Reveal

12. Light Scribble Logo

This clean and bright logo illustrates your logo in through a burst of light in After Effects.  

Good for: a modern, tech driven video with a simple introduction.

13. Superhero Logo

This is a niche product, but extremely well done. If your channel or production has anything to do with comics, this is a great choice, as your logo flies on a series of turning comic book pages.

Good for: fans of comic books and their video productions.

14. Golden Logo

This bright and shining introduction has a timeless feel to it. The logo is transformed with a shining gold look and spins onto the slide.

Good for: a classic and timeless animation look to add a logo sting to your video.

Golden LogoGolden LogoGolden Logo

15. Shapeshifter Logo

This glitchy logo is an eye-catcher. With geometric shapes and animated line drawings, your logo is animated and drawn onto the slide.

Good for: a modern and scientific looking introduction to your slide.

Recap & Learning Assets

This tutorial is a grab bag of interesting After Effects files that should spark creativity. It's extremely easy to download any of these files and drop your own logo in. 

Check out these other round-ups for other video asset choices:

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