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15 Top YouTube Video Graphics Templates for After Effects: 3 Free

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Graphics and overlays can help your videos stand out and communicate your style. In this article we introduce a few top premium Adobe After Effects motion graphics templates for your YouTube channel from Envato Elements, and three free options from Mixkit. Plus, in our tutorial, you'll learn how to make a quick and useful logo animation video for your channel.

Top YouTube Motion Graphics Templates From Envato Elements

Social Media Graphics - YouTube Templates for After Effects

Promote your social channels through your YouTube videos with these cool YouTube templates for After Effects.

Key Features

These YouTube templates for After Effects feature elements from Instagram and YouTube, from stickers and icons to lower thirds. 

  • Applications: After Effects
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: ionestudio

Download and Try

Envato Elements allows you to work with high-quality Youtube templates for After Effects. Increase the impact of your video projects with unlimited downloads from a curated library of the best motion graphics, templates, stock video, and more!

Social Media Graphics is available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

More YouTube Templates for After Effects from Envato Elements

Envato Elements is the all-you-can-download service for creatives, and it includes thousands of pre-built After Effects graphics packs from talented motion graphics artists. Because all of the downloads are included with a subscription, you can try as many templates as you like often as you want until you find the ones that fit your channel.

Subscribe to Envato Elements on a monthly or yearly basis, and get thousands of YouTube templates for After Effects, motion graphics and templates. Let's take a look at some more premium templates available on Envato Elements:

YouTube End Screen – Motion Graphics Template

Don't underestimate the power of a good end screen for YouTube. If your viewers stay throughout your video, having a good end screen will be useful to show them related content from your channel. 


YouTube Channel Intro – Animation After Effects Template

Get dynamic YouTube intro templates for After Effects with these files.  Just download them and start adding your photos, logos, texts and brand colors. 


Elements offers many YouTube templates for After Effects designed specifically to help you grow your YouTube channel, from intro sequences to subscribe buttons to promo templates. Here are a few of our favorites:

Modern Countdown - Motion Graphics Templates

Start the countdown to the premier of your YouTube channel or a special video for your followers. Use these colorful and modern YouTube intro templates for After Effects and start growing your presence on YouTube!

Motion Graphics Templates 

Are you looking for the newest After Effects motion graphics templates? This YouTube graphics pack is for you. The YouTube promo template features a modern and simple design. You'll get all the motion YouTube channel elements you need!

Multi-Content for Youtube Channel Intro - Animation After Effects Templates

Do you talk about multiple subjects on your channel? Then these YouTube intro templates for After Effects will come in handy, as you'll be able to show your subscribers what your channel is all about and what topics you cover.

Trendy YouTube Templates for After Effects 

Finish videos with modern and cool end screens; this YouTube subscribe animation template has five After Effects templates for YouTube end screens. These YouTube subscribe graphics are easy to use and customize.

YouTube Intro Templates for After Effects

This YouTube intro template is perfect if you're after a modern look for your channel elements.

YouTube Motion Graphics Templates

Adding well-designed assets like an opener, subscribe button, and titles can be just enough to catch a potential subscriber's eye. YouTube Kit contains everything you need.

Promo YouTube Channel – Intro animation After Effects Templates

Use this cool YouTube promo pack to promote yourself and your channel in a professional way. It's fully customizable in After Effects, so you can easily add text and all the elements you need.

YouTube Motion Graphics & Templates

Expand your template library with these 20 YouTube motion graphics and templates for your channel. Get icons, lower thirds, subscribe buttons, notification bell, Instagram profile, and so much more!

Classic YouTube Promo Template

This YouTube pack is a classic promo that will give your videos a polished look. It's really easy to customize in After Effects; just drag and drop your footage and change the text, and then impress your audience.

3 Top Free After Effects Motion Graphics and Templates From Mixkit

What if you're looking for free After Effects templates? We've got you covered and we can help you get started. Mixkit, also from Envato, has high-quality free assets for your next video project. Here are some free After Effects motion graphics templates for your YouTube videos:

Drop Slide Branding: Free YouTube Promo Template

This is a simple drop and slide animation for channel branding. It works fine if you're looking for free After Effects templates.

Sub Button: Free YouTube Subscribe Graphic Template

This is a clean YouTube subscribe animation template featuring a button with an animated notification bell icon.

Bold YouTube End Screen: Free YouTube Promo Template

Try this bold heading and slide-in effect containing two video placeholders and a subscribe button. It's an effective YouTube subscribe animation template.

How to Use Motion Graphics for YouTube Videos

The four basic graphic elements for most YouTube channels are:

  • Intros, to focus the viewer's attention with a memorable animated introduction, which can be as simple and pared-back as a logo animation.
  • Social buttons, with logos for services like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to help your viewers jump to your social media accounts.
  • Lower thirds are overlays on top of a video to add captions or commentary.
  • Outros at the end of a video give a call-to-action, such as asking your viewer to subscribe with an interactive button.

All of the templates featured here include these essential motion graphics.

How to Use a YouTube Template

In the screencast below, learn how to get started with the YouTube promo pack shared in this article by adding your own logo and graphics. Here's how to make a simple logo animation from an After Effects template:

Envato Elements: Unlimited Downloads

Envato Elements offers millions of stock items: photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, graphics templates of all sorts, video project templates for After EffectsPremiere ProFinal Cut Pro and Motion, and creative courses from Envato Tuts+, all with a single subscription.

The YouTube promo packs and other YouTube templates for After Effects that I've shown you are your shortcut to a professional channel. Instead of spending countless hours learning animation and teaching yourself an entirely new app, you can purchase a pack and drop in your own graphics.

YouTube video templatesYouTube video templatesYouTube video templates
On Envato Elements, you'll find templates for a variety of apps that you can use to promote your YouTube channel.

More Top Templates

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