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15 Top YouTube Promo Packs to Engage Viewers (After Effects, Apple Motion Templates)


If you're a YouTuber with aspirations of getting noticed, you need graphics and overlays to make your channel stand out. Although many video editing apps have basic tools like text and transitions, great channels need better graphics and effects to keep viewers. 

Instead of learning animation and motion graphics yourself, you can use pre-built packs from VideoHive. Talented motion graphic artists make YouTube promo packs that you can customize for your own channel.

Here are some of the essential elements for YouTube channels:

  • Intros: grab the viewer's attention with an animated introduction, including logo animations.
  • Social buttons: animated buttons with logos for services like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram help your viewers jump to your social media accounts.
  • Lower thirds: these are the overlays on top of a video that add captions or commentary to your video.
  • Outros: use the end of a video as a call-to-action, such as asking your viewer to subscribe with an interactive button.

If you have Adobe After Effects or Apple's Final Cut Pro X, these packs are the easiest way to build everything you need for your channel. Drop your own logo and graphics into the files these talented marketplace authors have built for fast, professional videos.

Watch & Learn

In the screencast below, I'll show you how to get started with one of the YouTube promo packs shared in this tutorial. You'll learn how to add your own logo and graphics to the promo pack.


Check out the list of promo packs below. Whether you use Adobe After Effects or Apple's Final Cut Pro X, there are plenty of elements to add a professional look to your YouTube channel.

Adobe After Effects

YouTube Promotion Pack

YouTube Promotion Pack

The YouTube promotion pack is perfect to get started because it has many of the asset categories I mentioned above. You can animate your logo, create an opener, and even create a listing of other videos.

Good for: improving your viewer engagement by capturing and retaining attention.

Ultimate Youtube Pack

Ultimate YouTube Pack

The strongest element of this pack is the outro animation, shown in the screenshot above. An attractive outro can help you attract subscribers or send them to your social media. However, there's plenty more included with this pack for general YouTube graphics.

Good for: adding subscribers to your channel with an eye-catching outro.

YouTube Promo Kit

YouTube Promo Kit

This promo kit is another general set of channel elements, but I particularly love the logo animations and transitions. If you have a great looking logo, I can't recommend this pack enough to animate it into your video.

Good for: exciting logo animations.

YouTube Elite Promo Kit

The Elite Promo Kit is yet another pack that includes everything a channel owner would need. Logo animations, lower thirds, typography, and more—this pack is a great way to get started with channel graphics.

Good for: a one stop-shop for everything a YouTube channel needs to stand out.

YouTuber Kit | Modern

Here's another great pack with a combination of video holders, openers, social icons, and more. This pack includes modern styles for the icons and typefaces.

Good for: channel owners who are just getting started with graphic overlays on YouTube.

YouTube Broadcast

This set of intros and overlays is professional and minimalist, with simple type styles. 

Good for: channel owners who prefer clean and minimalistic graphics.

YouTube Pack v3

Packs are a great way to get everything you need with one purchase. The 3rd version of this popular series of packs has social icons, fancy transitions, and more.

Good for: a one-stop shop for getting started with YouTube visuals.

Creative YouTube Pack

This pack helps you create impressive and stylized animations using your standard video clips. You can animate clips flying into and off the screen.

Good for: creating an engaging motion graphic using your own footage. 

YouTube Broadcast Package

The elements in this pack remind me of more traditional broadcast elements, with overlays and shapes that split the screen.

Good for: cross-promoting other videos on your channel.

YouTube Essentials

The strength of this pack is the animated text overlays and title animations. Drop in your own channel name and logo and this pack is powerful.

Good for: channel owners that love high quality typography and text animations.

YouTube Subscribe Buttons Pack

A subscribe button animation comes on screen to encourage followers to start following your channel. Many YouTubers add annotations over the animation to make the subscribe button clickable.

Good for: an attractive, eye-catching animated subscribe button to grow your channel's following.

YouTube Promotion Pack 2

Like many of these promo packs, the Promotion Pack 2 is an all-in-one collection with a sampler of openers, video holders, titles, logos, and more.

Good for: a channel owner just getting started on YouTube, who needs the basic graphics to improve their channel.

YouTube Channel Pack

This is another good general pack with a variety of elements like intro animations, lower thirds, and subscribe buttons.

Good for: the budget-conscious channel with a wide variety of elements.

Final Cut Pro X

The YouTuber Pack

This general pack is a great way to get started with animations in Final Cut Pro X. Think of this as the all-in-one pack with everything you need for your channel.

Good for: YouTubers who need professional channel graphics in a complete package.

The Youtuber Pack - Comic Edition

youtuber pack comic edition

The Comic Edition of the YouTuber Pack has a complete set of graphics but in the classic comic book style, complete with stippling and eye-popping fonts.

Good for: video producers looking for more creative and stylized channel graphics.

99 Final Cut X Titles Pack

The Final Cut X Titles pack has enough intro animations to never use the same one twice! Change the sample text to your own video title for a professional, personalized intro.

Good for: building an attention-grabbing introduction.

Recap & Keep Learning

These YouTube promo packs are your shortcut to a professional channel. Instead of spending countless hours learning animation and teaching yourself an entirely new app, you can purchase a pack and drop your own graphics in.

Check out these other tutorials and content round-ups to keep building your channel:

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