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How to Make a Product Promo Video in After Effects

When we want to buy something, many of us will turn to the internet for reviews, general information, and increasingly, video content. Being told about something in a blurb isn’t the same as seeing it in action, so getting your promotional video right is important.

When Should You Make a Product Promo Video?

To demonstrate how to use something. This can work for most products, but is especially important if you have a product that is complicated or relies on a particular quality. A cleaning product, for example, being shown to cut through some tough grime. You can still add personality and brand messages to this type of video – check out Solo Stove Bonfire’s video to see how you might approach that.

To set your brand up as an ‘expert’ on what you do. Talk about industry news or offer ‘inside information’ while you show your product. This video by Nike is a great example:

To show off how much people love your product. Testimonials are great, so why not show off your product at the same time by having those testimonials featured in a video. Take a look at Slack’s testimonial video:

Give your brand a personality. Use personality-led videos to build up trust and reputation for your brand, while also using the platform to show off a product. A great example of this is the ‘Will it Blend’ series of videos by Blendtec:

How to Make a Great Product Demo Video

Get the Balance Right

You want to create an accurate representation of your product, but you also don’t want to lose the attention of your audience by going on for too long. Bear in mind too that you might need to create several versions of your video if you’re intending to post them on your social channels.

Have a Purpose

If your video is simply to show off your product, it might not get much attention. You should aim to have a reason for your video other than simple promotion: be aspirational, or inspirational, knowledgeable and so on. Reflect this in the style of video, or template you choose. If you were selling running trainers aimed at athletes, you’d probably want your video to be fast-paced, inspirational and upbeat.

Know Your Audience

The answer to, ‘who should buy your product’ might be ‘everybody’ in an ideal world, but if you aim for everyone, chances are you’ll hit no-one. Know the people in your core market and craft your message to resonate with them.

Use High-Quality Design

Your product might be world class, but if your video is poor, people may assume your product is poor, too. Hiring a professional designer or film producer is the ideal, but if your budget doesn’t run to that, then you can still produce something of very good quality by using a template designed by a professional. Let’s take a look at a few.

Create Your Product Promotional Video in After Effects From a Template

Using some ready-made templates to show off your product is a sensible move if you don't feel like you're ready to create something from scratch yourself, and you're not in a position to be able to hire someone. Templates are created by folks who know what they're doing, so they look great, they're generally easy-to-use, and best of all, you can customise them to fit your brand.

Here are a few great examples of high-quality templates for Adobe After Effects. 1 and 2 are from Envato Elements, where you can download and use as much as you want for a monthly subscription. If you prefer a 'pay as you go' option, we've got you covered—3 is from Envato Market, where you can buy templates and other resources individually.

1. Product Promo Mockup KIT from Envato Elements

Product Promo Mockup KIT is a modular AE template that you can use to promote books, software, DVDs and much more. Make use of the three pre-edited cuts, or create your own with over 11 different modules. Everything is fully editable so you can create something unique for your brand.

Product Promo Mockup KIT from Envato Elements
Product Promo Mockup KIT from Envato Elements

2. Elegant Slideshow—Product Promo from Envato Elements

A slideshow is a tried-and-tested favourite, and this After Effects template from Envato Elements is colourful, fresh, and suitable for a range of products. There’s plenty of room for titles and explainer text too, if you have a product that’s a little more complicated to demo.

Elegant Slideshow - Product Promo
Elegant Slideshow—Product Promo

3. Professional 3D Device Pack for Element 3D from Envato Market

This is a great pack if you want to demonstrate a product on a number of popular devices such as a smart watch, pad or smart phone – there are 17 different 3D models included, which are being updated all the time to keep you current. As the models aren’t pre-rendered, you’ll be able to customise them easily to keep everything looking right for your product.


More Product Promotion Help

Here are a few tutorials and product round-ups to keep you learning and making great videos.

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