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3 Top Product Promo Video Templates for Premiere Pro


If you have a product to promote, you want it to look its best, and that means creating  professional, high-quality promotions for it. Product promo videos are incredibly effective, especially so when you take into account specifically-created videos for social media, using techniques like vertical video to garner more interaction.

Here, we have three top templates for Adobe Premiere Pro to help you create something that looks first-class, without breaking the bank. Each of these templates is included in a subscription from Envato Elements, so you can download and use as many as you like.

You might want to consider our top tips to making a product video, before you get started:

  • If your product's use isn't obvious from the name or at a glance, be sure to provide a quick demo.
  • Include a call to action, whether that's a link to buy or pushing your potential customer to your other channels.
  • Keep the actual sales message short and direct, don't over-complicate it.

Top Product Promo Video Templates for Premiere Pro

1. Instagram Stories Pack No. 1

A modern and nicely animated pack for Premiere Pro, these templates are perfect for displaying and selling your product across social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Each scene is 10 seconds long, so you’ll be able to create something for your Stories, easily. You don’t need plugins, or After Effects to be able to use these.


2. Corporate Promo

100% Premiere Pro, Corporate Promo is smart and sophisticated, affording you full colour control so you can change the look to suit your brand. There’s a link to the free font used in the download, and a helpful PDF included in case you get stuck.


3. Product Promo

Another great Premiere Pro template for mobile viewing, Product Promo is clean and light. There are four media placeholders, three text holders and a link to the free font used.


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