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7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Next Promo Video

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Promoting your product launch? You've come to the right place for video promo ideas. A successful launch video can propel your idea to success and make sure that it's not lost in the shuffle.

Product launch videos vary in style. In this round-up, we'll see some of the best examples, plus templates that can help you produce your own!

How to Source Video Promo Ideas

Before we dive into creative promo ideas, one resource that I want to share is Envato Elements. It can be daunting to start producing a video. If you aren't accustomed to creating video from scratch, it helps to have a head start.

That's where Envato Elements comes into play. For a single flat-rate subscription, you'll unlock hundreds of creative video templates that you can use for your product promo. There are many templates built with product launches in mind, making it the perfect way to save time on your next production.

Use a video template, and much of the work is already done for you. You simply download the template, customize it with your style and assets, and export the finished video.

Templates on Envato ElementsTemplates on Envato ElementsTemplates on Envato Elements
All of these templates and hundreds more are available when you subscribe to Envato Elements, an easy way to save time on your next production.

How to Promote Your Big Idea

There's no shortage of inspiration for great product promo videos. Let's check out seven styles and tips for your next promo video. I'll also share selections from Envato Elements that will help you implement these ideas in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

1. Use a Product Demo Video

Nothing compares to seeing a new product used in everyday life. That's why one of my favorite product promo styles is simple: show it in action. It helps users picture how they'll use it and can ultimately lead to a sale.

This approach works really well for mobile and web apps. Grab a few screenshots or some upbeat clips from the device and animate it to life with a template.

Check out Google's launch video for Duo that demos the app in action. Keep in mind that this type of video wasn't produced by filming a screen, but instead composited together using the software. 

Looking to create your product promo video by animating screenshots and clips on a real-life device? Check out Promotion App, an Adobe Premiere template, in the preview clip below.

2. Explain the Business Concept

Explainer videos are one of the most popular styles for modern video promos. Unique business concepts need clear, concise descriptions that show how the product stands out from the crowd.

Before you start trying to sell to your audience, make sure that they understand exactly what your product brings to the table. How does it differ from the competition, and what niche are you out to fill?

Q&A website Quora start almost 10 years ago, and they had a novel concept. This video produced not long after launch helped to bridge the gap and showed audiences why they should join.

The take-away: Don't assume that your audience already knows what you do about your product. Many promo videos benefit from a simple explanatory angle.

3. Use a "Before and After" Format

One thing that will never change in marketing: customers buy products to solve problems in everyday life. That's why promo videos benefit from a "before and after" format that tells the story of the problem the product solves.

A great example is the promo video below for Zenefits, a software for managing human resources targeted at small companies. The user experience that contrasts the pain of HR before and after is a surefire way to get the potential customer thinking about your product.

4. Launch Sale and Discount Promos

Cutting price and creating deep discounts is a slippery slope, sure. Ideally, pricing is based on the value it brings to a consumer and not a race to the bottom with the competition.

But one type of sale that doubles as a product promo is a launch sale. Create a sense of urgency by showing that promotional pricing is temporary and limited to early adopters. This type of promo works extremely well on mobile, where you can use social platforms to jump directly to a sale on your website.

Check out the preview for and then download Instagram Stories Pack No. 1. This is one of the best templates that social-savvy brands use for product promo sales.

5. Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter helped to create an entirely new category of promo videos. While hyping the video, your audience has a chance to be a part of the success story.

Check out a great example of a promo video that uses a crowdfunding campaign:

Leverage the crowdfunding promo video format by positioning it as a "win-win." You have an amazing product that you want to launch, and your audience has a chance to contribute to it in a meaningful way. This promo video format creates excitement and a shared sense of success.

See more examples of outstanding crowdfunding videos in the round-up below:

6. Create an Animated Overview

Animated videos can really lighten the mood while promoting your product. Practically any product can benefit from a lighthearted product demo thanks to animated elements.

Check out this excellent animated promo for DocuSign, a service that makes it easy to digitally sign documents. If you've ever been sent a document to sign via email, you might be familiar with this service, and it's beautifully explained in the video.

Often times, animated promos include colorful cartoons and characters. But your budget may not include a line item for an animator. That's where templates are so handy.

To create an animation of your own for your product launch, try out the Hand Explainer Kit template for Adobe Premiere. Check out the preview clip below to see how easy it is.

7. Lean on Testimonials

Testimonial marketing is powerful. It capitalizes on successful user experiences to show others the benefits of your product.

That's why testimonial videos continue to be one of the most popular approaches for creating a video promo. Show a happy user, then let them tell the story of how the product impacted them in their own words.

The video below for Calm, a guided meditation app, is a textbook example. Talking to real life users who shared their experience certainly inspired others to follow suit.

Learn more about creating testimonial videos in the deep-dive tutorial below:

Learn More About Video Marketing

If you want to dive deeper into video marketing concepts, check out Envato's Video Marketing Guide. This free guide includes ten detailed chapters exploring everything from the costs of video production to successful strategies and the latest trends. It's packed full of research and case studies to help you make the right video marketing choices.

Or try some of these tutorials:

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