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How to Create a Video Brochure for Business (Plus Top Templates)

If you're looking to create an eye-catching and engaging video brochure for a business, then let us help. Here, we'll look at some things to consider when putting your video together, plus our top template pick to inspire you.

What is a Video Brochure?

A video brochure for business can take quite a lot of forms. It can be a physical LCD that you send out to client, which plays your video, or more flexibly it might refer to a digital video hosted online. It could be designed to introduce you, your brand or your products to new customers, it might be a greeting on your website, a technical explainer or tutorial, training material for staff, or even more.

How to Use a Video Brochure Effectively

Include a Call-to-Action

Even if your brochure isn’t necessarily an advert, you should still try and move your viewer into an action. That could be directing them to your website to make a purchase, or it might be something more subtle like trying to get them to follow your social channels.

High Quality and Good Design

You want people to watch your whole video and ideally to share it, so it needs to be the best quality it can be. This means making sure you get your sound and visuals looking great, and then putting it together in a well-designed format. A video template can really help you nail this part, we’ll show you a few examples soon.

Keep it Simple

It can be tempting to want to put all your messages into one video, but if you say too much, you’ll actually say nothing at all. Keep your video shortless than five minutes, but ideally more like three—and upbeat. If your brand has a particular personality then now is a great time to bring that out.

How to Design a Video Brochure

Here are some of the types of video brochure for business that you might want to do, and a template that would work well to help get you started. All of the templates are from Envato Elements, so once you're subscribed you can try as many as you like.

1. Website Front Page Intro Video

Introduce yourself to your website visitors – this kind of video brochure could be someone’s first impression of you, so make it count!

Try a Template

Service Promo

A simple but interesting design featuring signs and key messages like contact details.

2. Service Overview Video

A video brochure that tells your viewers who you are and what you do. It might quickly touch on several services or you might focus on one.

Try a Template

Video Explainer and Presentation

A professional, corporate After Effects template designed in black and white.

3. Explainer Video

Similar to a tutorial video but you might be explaining a concept or idea rather than demonstrating a product.

Try a Template

Kinetic Typography with Debbie & Dillan

A fun typography explainer with two characters included, this template would be great for communicating ideas that have tricky or no visuals.

4. Tutorial or Demonstration Video

Guide your customer through how to use an aspect of your product or service. This might be a quick walkthrough of some software, or a ‘how-to’ practical demonstration.

Try a Template

Envato Templates Video Tutorial

This template for After Effects has a modular structure, color control and is easy to use.

5. Press Release

If you have something to shout about, like a brand-new product or an event to promote, then you can use a video brochure as a press release to send out to contacts and journalists who can embed it in online news articles and share it on their social channels.

Try a Template

Event Promo—Business Event

6. Product Promotion

Try a Template

Clean Service Promo

A clean and modern After Effects template that would be perfect for a product or service promotion.

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