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25 Top Business Opener Templates for After Effects (Motion Graphics Intros)

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This post is part of a series called Market Watch: Current Styles and Hot Trends in Video.
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It can be hard to make a good first impression and keep your audience engaged.

Luckily, you don't have to create and animate every aspect of a video yourself. The professionally designed After Effect templates in this article are thoughtfully made, easy to modify and can help you achieve an appealing outcome in a fraction of the time and budget. Simply download the files, add your own specifics, and export a professional finished video.

Intro Templates for Business From Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

If you frequently find yourself making videos, then Envato Elements is an amazing value: For a single flat rate, you can download all of the After Effect templates you need to produce a new video—quickly—including artwork, photos, video, and thousands of royalty free audio tracks and sound effects to complete your video.

Video Templates Adobe After EffectsVideo Templates Adobe After EffectsVideo Templates Adobe After Effects
On Envato Elements, you can download all of the templates you need for a single flat fee.

Each of the templates below will grab and hold your audience's attention. Let's check them out:

1. Energy Opener

We're starting off our list with a burst of energy with this opener. With more than 50 text and media placeholders, quickly create an engaging opener with this intro template.

2. Plexus Corporate Business Intro

Plexus is an After Effects intro template that fits perfectly in the business world. You can edit the text and images to add your logo with this choice. Try it for your next corporate presentation.

3. Abstract 3D Corporate Business Intro

Here's another option if you need corporate video introduction templates. Abstract 3D is full HD and renders quickly. Edit everything from the colors to the music. If you're stuck, there's a handy video tutorial to help you out.

4. Clean Opener

A template like this is ideal as a pre-roll for a speaking engagement. Combine and mix your photos and graphics with text in a template like this to set the tone for a strong speech.

5. Modern Opener with Titles

This easy-to-use After Effects template is perfect for focusing on stock photography. Add your images on the easy-to-customize placeholders and watch then animate to life in less time than ever before.

6. Clean Fast Opener

A clean and fast opener like this aptly-named template cuts straight to the chase. It's a breeze to customize with your brand's color palette and branding specifics so that it fits with every other part of your corporate video.

7. Creative Business Opener

This template includes video scenes that are perfect for a business video. Use a team showcase, for example, to show the key members of your team. It's an upbeat slideshow that is flexible for many purposes.

8. Company Event Opener

Companies host many events, like town halls, all-hands meetings, and monthly updates. Use a high energy video like this to introduce the key speaker. You can use it to show key details before starting.

9. Cyber Security Opener

Looking for something a little more techy? Try out the Cyber Security opener template. Its visuals are engaging and will draw in your audience. Its sci-fi vibe is great for a startup or online-based service company.

10. Fashion Modern Title

Keep it simple and modern with this fashion intro video template. This trendy opener can help get your brand out there, and it comes with more than 20 text and media placeholders. Try it out!

Top Intro Templates for Business from Envato Market (Pay Per Item)

If video is an infrequent thing, you might be better served buying templates one-by-one. Here's our selection of business-ready intro templates for After Effects from Envato Market.

11. Slide Video Intro

This intro would feel right at home as the opener for a network television show. The fancy wipe effects are ready to help you start your video with a look at your favorite images. Just drop in your own images and use this as the perfect intro to your video.

12. Dirty Glitch Video Intro

For sci-fi and futuristic fans, this glitch project couldn't be a better fit. That glitch effect is going to grab attention, and all you need to do is add your own footage and text choices.

13. Typography and Video Intro

I love typographic videos because they're a breeze to update with your own choice of text. This intro makes it easy to swap in your own text and lead with strong, bold text animations that are sure to grab attention.

14. Short Promo Video Intro

With no plugins required, this After Effects video intro is the great way to kick off an action packed video. With splashy text boxes and dynamic transitions, this will set the tone for an upbeat video.

15. Mobile App Presentation Video Intro Promo

When you want to showcase your app, you might not have time to produce a video to promote it. That's no problem, thanks to this easy-to-use After Effects project that can help you drop in your own app footage to bring it to life.

16. Film Intro

You can produce a silver screen quality introduction thanks to this easy-to-use After Effects intro. The bold serif fonts and zoom animations will feel right at home for your next film festival entry.

17. Powerful Intro

This explosive intro has pre-built animations that burst onto the canvas. Just add your own text, logo, and customize the background to build a Hollywood-quality animation featuring your details.

18. Logo Intro

Lead strong with your own branding by using this Logo Intro project. Just drag and drop your own logo file into this project to kickoff the video project by showcasing your logo with animations built into the After Effects project.

19. Opener Parallax Glitch

The quality of this project makes it an equally good fit as an intro for your video, or as a standalone project of its own. With glitchy text and parallax cuts between scenes to show off your video footage, make sure to play the preview below. Then, imagine it with your own assets!

20. Fast Intro

The Fast Intro project is a great way to make a speedy introduction. Sync it up with music to set the stage for a high energy video with quick cuts.

21. Elegant Intro Opener

I love the flexibility of the Elegant Intro Opener. It's simple and clean enough that you could easily use it for a corporate pre-roll, but the textures and animations could just as easily find their way into a fashion slideshow, for example.

22. Shape Logo Reveal

Here's another great selection for leading with your logo. You don't have to be an animator to bring your logo onto the canvas with style, and this project helps you do just that in minutes.

23. Fast Opener

Cut straight to the chase thanks to the Fast Opener project. All you have to do is drop in your own images and customize the text to create a slideshow that will garner attention. Ideal for YouTubers.

24. Element 3D Space Logo

Far from the ordinary, the 3D Space Logo project will help blast your branding into orbit. This pack isn't ideal for every situation, but it's a stunning animation for an opener that aims to feature something futuristic. 

25. Elegant Slide Show

Rounding out the selection, this slideshow opener is can help bring your still images to life. A multi-purpose template with elegant design, minimal titles, parallax effect and modern geometric transitions. Create elegant slideshow with your photos or video clips. Possibilities of this template are unlimited

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