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10 Top Intro Templates for DaVinci Resolve (Motion Graphics)


You know what they say about first impressions: You never get a second chance to make them. Proceed without regrets. These 10 intro templates for DaVinci Resolve come from both Envato Elements and VideoHive; that means that whether you prefer unlimited downloads or buying individual templates, there's an option for you.

Here are the most memorable openers for DaVinci Resolve we’ve encountered. 

Top 3 DaVinci Resolve Intro Templates on Envato Elements in 2021

Hitting Envato Elements in 2021 is a whole host of DaVinci Resolve templates, including introductions! You can browse the full collection of intro templates from the link above, or have a look at three of our top choices for you:

1. Urban Opener Template for DaVinci Resolve

The stylish Urban Opener is the perfect DaVinci Resolve template for modern videos. It features glitch effects, cool animations, and smooth transitions. This intro template download also comes with a short and long version, letting you choose what's right for you.

Urban Opener DaVinci Resolve Template

2. DaVinci Resolve Fashion Opener

Fashion Opener gets straight to the point. With dynamic transitions, the different effects are creative and are perfect for the fashion world. Test it out for your next project.

Fashion DaVinci Resolve Opener Template

3. Hip Hop Intro for DaVinci Resolve

Hip Hop Intro rounds out our list of DaVinci Resolve intro templates on Elements. The look is rough around the edges and grungy while still being refined and modern. At ten seconds in length, it's a short template that preps your audience for the rest of your video.

Skateboarder on board, close-up of board

Eye-Catching DaVinci Resolve Intro Templates From VideoHive for 2021

VideoHive is perfect for every creator looking for DaVinci Resolve opener templates they can buy without a subscription. There are a lot of templates in the VideoHive library, and I've grabbed seven of them:

4. Modern Motivational Opener

This template pulls on your heartstrings while filling you with unstoppable motivation. With 19 media placeholders and 16 editable text layers, images in Modern Motivational Opener can drop into a monotone, animated design to a gripping dramatic effect.

5. Epic Sport Promo

Amp it up! Epic Sport Promo maximizes the power behind high-intensity imagery by offering a variety of screen transitions and heart-pumping music you can download. Visual effects like dust and scratches add a certain rough and tumble that’s quite effective.

6. Logo Reveal Strips Opener

Bold, sweeping, and empowering, Logo Reveal Strips Opener has a gripping, cinematic heft that soaks your ensuing video with import. Its use of grid formation and trendy transitioning effects have a soothing, symmetrical effect and definitely kick up the style.

7. Elegant and Clean Slideshow

Forego the heavy hand of an intricate design template and simplify your visuals with Elegant and Clean Slideshow. Suitable for stills and video alike, it includes the Ken Burns effect and 12 beautiful and varied slide designs to showcase your visuals.

8. Awards Opener – Red Carpet Opening Title 3

Elevate a congratulatory presentation to celebrity level. Awards Opener – Red Carpet Opening Title 3 provides a glamorous, glitzy stage setting allowing you to bestow awards with the utmost showmanship.

Awards Opener DaVinci Resolve Template

9. Trendy Intro

Stylish, upbeat, trendy, with a dash of urban, Trendy Intro enlivens visuals with a rhythmic elegance suitable for a variety of subjects. Color overlays, creative transitions, and other design options provide additional distinguishing features.

10. Corporate Design Opener

If making a clean, professional impression is the ultimate goal, check out Corporate Design Opener. Far from a boring, stodgy, cubicle office feel, this template presents text and images with the perfect touch of style and graphic design.

Tips for Making the Perfect Video Introductions

Have you chosen which of the DaVinci Resolve intro templates available from Envato Elements and VideoHive you want? Then you're ready to start editing! But before you get too far, check out these tips for getting the most out of having an awesome video opener:

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

In the video marketing world, it's common knowledge that you only have a few seconds to engage your audience. In fact, Biteable cites that 33 percent of video viewers stop watching after 30 seconds. If you want to capture this segment, keep your intro short to hook viewers and give them content to engage with after that.

Urban DaVinci Resolve Opener
The Urban DaVinci Resolve opener template has multiple lengths in case you want a short version with the same style.

2. Have a Consistent Tone

Striking a consistent tone is one of the major keys to creating engaging videos. Audiences know when a video they're watching feels off, and that's usually the fault of inconsistent tone. Make sure the intro template you use matches the feel of the rest of your video. 

Modern Motivational Opener Template DaVinci Resolve
Modern Motivational Opener is a great DaVinci Resolve template for upbeat video projects.

3. Add Branding

Don't shy away from promoting your brand. In fact, your intro is one of the best places to do it. As mentioned earlier, the first few seconds of a video can determine if your whole video gets watched. Doing this will increase your brand's exposure and might convince someone to watch the rest of your video.

Hip Hop DaVinci Resolve Intro Template
The Hip Hop DaVinci Resolve intro template gives you space to add your brand.

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