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6 Top Templates With Transparent Backgrounds for After Effects

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In this feature, we look at the best transparent-background templates for Adobe After Effects.

Transparent backgrounds are a great way to add minimalist style to any video project. They're especially useful for marketing promos and design productions. However you use them, these templates will help you start instantly transforming your videos.


Best Transparent Background Templates in Adobe After Effects

All of the projects in this section are included as part of a subscription to Envato Elements. Let's look at our three top choices:

1. Market Promo

Market Promo is our top transparent background choice for After Effects. Featuring 19 backgrounds and fully customizable colors, it's the perfect complement to your branding effort. Use it to call attention to your offerings, thanks to seamless transparent blends and bold graphics.

  • Who it's for: Anyone sharing content on a transparent background
  • Why we like it: Simple to build, but stylish enough to suit any purpose

2. Clean Logo Formation

Introduce your logo in a clean, transparent style with this elegant template. Designed to bring your brand to the forefront, it's the perfect way to splash your logo onscreen. Use it for intros, commercials, and marketing promos of all kinds.

3. Motion Titles

Use these titles for text onscreen, without the distraction of complex background graphics. Each text design lives on a transparent background, making words stand out and other content fade into the background.

3 Top Transparent Background Templates from Envato Market

In the section above, you saw templates from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download marketplace for creatives. But if you only need a single template, you can purchase it directly from sellers on Envato Market, a marketplace for stock assets.

Envato MarketplaceEnvato MarketplaceEnvato Marketplace
Use single transparent background templates from Envato Market to add an overlay to your existing production.

Let's look at the best transparent background templates for After Effects from Envato Market.

1. Seller - Market Product Promo

For sellers with a product to offer, it's a great idea to use a template like this. Add your product images to the placeholder layers and watch them brought to life with bright surrounding assets.

2. Info Graphics Transparent Template

A bit of data and infographics is a compelling way to explain statistics. The best part of these assets is that the graphs are transparent so that you can easily overlay them on your existing content. 

3. Liquid Splash Logo Reveal

Here's another great asset that makes it easy to build on top of your existing production. Watch your logo brought to life with splashes of ink and color. Just add your logo, choose an effect, and presto!

More Easy-to-Use After Effects Projects

Free Stock Video Backgrounds to Download

What if you want a cool video background with more visual impact? Simply download a free video background from the selection available at Mixkit. Use it wherever you want, however you want.

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