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10 Top Essential Graphics Templates With Advanced Animation for Premiere Pro

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It's easy to see why so many creators love Premiere Pro. It's easy to get started with, but it also has a professional set of features that even Hollywood producers love.

But, there are limits. Ultimately, every app isn't made for every purpose: Premiere Pro isn't a tool, at it's core, for making custom graphics and animation. However, the Essential Graphics panel does let you create some awesome animations from templates, right in Premiere.

All of the templates that you'll see in this round-up are included with a subscription to Envato Elements. They're also advanced graphic templates that you might be surprised that you can create inside your trusty editing app! Let's take a look.

10 Advanced Templates for Premiere Pro

1. 43 Infographics Elements (MOGRT)

As the portmanteau term suggests, an infographic combines data with visuals. Instead of data-heavy videos on bullet points, use these animated graphics to create the best infographics—easily.

2. Instagram Stores About Education

You don't have to animate characters when you use a pre-built graphic like this one. It's ideal to create promo videos for mobile for your new educational site. Use it to show off your courses in action.

3. Fantasy Football Kit MOGRT for Premiere Pro

It's never too early to start preparing for fantasy football season! Get your competitors and colleagues excited for the upcoming season with the help of this easy-to-customize kit.

4. Youtube Library and Сover Pack Mogrt

Looking to grow your YouTube channel? With the help of this MOGRT, you're on the right track. It's ideal for creatives who lean on Premiere as their editing platform of choice. Add to your next video with the help of this YouTube pack.

5. Explode Essential Graphics Mogrt

Use these graphics, each easy to customize in Essential Graphics, to create an eye-catching video right inside of Premiere. Sure to make an impact and wake up the audience.

6. Explainer Friends Essential Graphics Mogrt

Here's another kit that doesn't require hiring an animator. Use it to create an explainer video that illustrates abstract ideas, simply.

7. Instagram Stories Marketing

Instagram Stories are a powerful marketing tool. And thanks to a template like this, you can create and customize them right inside of Premiere in less time than ever before. Just open this template, customize it in Essential Graphics, and you'll be ready to share your vertical video in no time.

8. The Awards Package Essential Graphics

Celebrating in style? You can use this template to create an awards show package that recognizes achievement. It's stylish and perfect for an end of year banquet or celebration.

9. Swiss Typography Pack for Premiere Pro

Swiss typography fits the minimalist trends that seem to shape all designs. This package is perfect for a typographic driven video.

10. Business Broadcast Pack Essential Graphics

Producing business content? This template might be right up your alley. It's simple and neutral enough to be used for practically any occasion and the designs are easy to customize.

What is the Essential Graphics Panel?

On its own, Adobe Premiere's tools for building graphics and visuals are limited. You'd typically build those in other apps like Adobe After Effects, for example.

But jumping back and forth between the two apps becomes cumbersome. Plus, After Effects features a steep learning curve. Enter the Essential Graphics panel. This feature attempts to marry the best of both worlds from the two apps. 

Most importantly, the Essential Graphics panel unlocks the option to work with .MOGRT (motion graphics) templates in Premiere. Those are typically built and packaged by talented designers in After Effects and are usable in Premiere Pro.

Essential Graphics in PremiereEssential Graphics in PremiereEssential Graphics in Premiere
Use the Essential Graphics panel to apply adjustments to motion graphics, right inside of Premiere.

If you want to learn more, make sure to check out Adobe's official page on the Essential Graphics panel.

The Best Source for Premiere Pro Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

All of the templates you saw in this tutorial are included for a single flat rate. With the help of Envato Elements, you can source an unlimited number of templates. They make it easy to create videos without knowing an app completely.

Envato Elements Premiere templatesEnvato Elements Premiere templatesEnvato Elements Premiere templates
The Envato Elements library includes more than 1,000 templates for Premiere Pro, all included as part of the flat-rate subscription.

When you use a template, you skip the work of building every project from scratch. Instead, you have a customizable blueprint. That makes it easy to add your customizations—like images and custom text—to tailor the video.

More Premiere Pro Templates and Tool

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