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How to Review Videos With Oslo: Remote Collaboration Workflow

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When it comes to video editors these days, the options are plentiful, yet when it comes to collaborating with a team or another editor, the options you have aren't as big of a spread. Enter Oslo, by Streamlabs/Logitech, an awesome video review and collaboration tool for editors and YouTubers that allows you to communicate easily with your team and clients.

In this tutorial, we'll go over the key features that make Oslo a great resource for anyone looking to get better feedback and up their ability to collaborate on their video projects.

oslo video editoroslo video editoroslo video editor
Oslo Video Collaboration

Getting Started

The free-to-use tier of this service gives you a great feel for what it offers, without sacrificing quality. Head over to Oslo and sign in using Google authentication, and you'll be able to start creating projects and uploading footage right away. Paid tiers start at $10.99 at the time of writing this review.

Creating a Project

Now that you are signed in, you'll want to create a new project. At the top left of the page, you'll see a drop-down box that by default has the Demo Project loaded up. Click on this and select New Video Project. 

create video project in oslocreate video project in oslocreate video project in oslo
New Video Project

Uploading Your Files

Once that's done, you'll be able to upload your media by selecting the pink Add Media to Get Started button located in the centre of the screen. Oslo makes it easy, allowing you to select multiple clips and even upload video, photo, and audio at the same time. From here, we can open our clip and start leaving comments and visual annotations using the brush tool.

Leaving Comments and Visual Notes

One of the best ways to communicate your thoughts on a clip or edit is to leave a time-stamped comment. The other users can easily navigate to the problem by selecting your comment, bringing up that spot on the timeline. The brush tool allows you to draw on the clip, so that if there's a problem that's rather hard to explain with words, you're able to circle the area. 

Doing this is simple. In the clip, there's a box in the bottom right of the page titled Leave your feedback here and a little brush icon that toggles on the marker. Simply find the spots for corrections on the timeline, type your comment, submit, and you are good to go.

Leaving Comments and Visual Markers in OsloLeaving Comments and Visual Markers in OsloLeaving Comments and Visual Markers in Oslo
Leaving Comments and Visual Markers

Now that we can leave comments, it's natural to wonder how we can work with others so that these notes can be put to use. Whether it's sending and receiving files or inviting members into the mix, Oslo has you covered. 

Creating File Requests

Sending and receiving files in Oslo is a breeze, and the sender doesn't even need to have an account. Head back to the main page using the back tool at the top left, and you'll see the sidebar has an option to send a file request. Select New Request and then add the parameters you'd like to include. The person on the receiving end will get a link where they can upload media to the project. A nice touch is that you can make that transfer link active or inactive based on your needs.

Inviting Editors to See Feedback

If you'd like anyone to see the notes you've made, you'll have to invite people to participate. While on your video, you'll see an Invite link at the top. Just as you selected the parameters when creating a file request, you'll do the same here. You can decide whether they are a viewer, limited editor, editor, or admin. Once they receive the invitation, they'll be able to see and reply to your comments.

Inviting Editors to See FeedbackInviting Editors to See FeedbackInviting Editors to See Feedback

Using Real-Time Chat

If you're making edits and discussing the changes at the same time, Oslo has a great chat feature built into the site. To use this, go back to the main page where we sent our file request, and you'll see Chat as the last option in the sidebar. All members are automatically invited to this feature, and it makes for a wonderful editing experience, especially when things are getting to the finishing stages! Any important notes that occur can easily be pinned so that everyone has a reference to the agreed-upon changes.

chat in oslochat in oslochat in oslo

Those are the main features that Oslo offers! If you are someone who often works for or with others on videos, Oslo might be worth a try.

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