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How to Crop a Photo in Lightroom Mobile

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Being able to crop an image should be quick and easy—and with Lightroom Mobile it is just that. The steps that follow show two ways you can crop your photo. You can either manually crop it, or you can use an aspect ratio to make your image the precise dimensions you desire. Lightroom Mobile’s simple, intuitive design makes either cropping procedure a breeze.

In this tutorial, we show you how to crop your image so that only the important visuals are included. Check out how simple it is to crop your picture, and read the steps that follow. In just a few taps, your photograph will have the perfect framing and composition so that viewers’ eyes straight to the subject, instead of to pesky visual distractions.

How to Crop a Photo in Lightroom Mobile

The Basics

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is an intuitively designed app with an impressive array of editing tools that make post-production possible in the palm of your hand. This and forthcoming tutorials focus on the editing capabilities Lightroom Mobile provides, but it is equally powerful at helping you organize, store, share your images—and even capture them in HDR.

Lightroom can be purchased on its own, including access to the latest updates and releases for $9.99 a month, or by purchasing a Creative Cloud Photography plan for $19.99 a month. Creative Cloud plans come packaged with other perks and apps, as well as GBs of cloud storage. Businesses, students & teachers, and schools & universities are offered special plans and pricing. You can also try it out by activating a free seven-day trial.

1. Open Lightroom Mobile

First, open Lightroom Mobile.

2. Select the Image

Locate the image you would like to crop.

3. Tap the Crop Icon

Locate the Crop icon in the edit bar at the bottom.

You will see options for cropping and rotating your image.

4. Crop Your Image Manually

There are two ways to crop an image. One way is to drag any of the edges or corners of the crop box.

If you want to reposition the image within the crop box, press on the photo and drag it accordingly.

To finalize the crop, tap the checkmark at the bottom right.

Now your image is cropped! If you would like to change the crop, just select the Crop tool again.

5. Or, Crop Your Image Using the Aspect Ratio

The other way to crop your image is to tap the Aspect Ratio menu on the bottom left.

Then select the Aspect Ratio you prefer. For example, to make the image square, select 1x1.

The image is now cropped as a square.

Then, like before, reposition it, if need be, by pressing on the photo and dragging it to where you want it cropped.

To finalize the crop, tap the checkmark at the bottom right.

Enjoy your cropped image! If at any time you would like to change the crop, just select the Crop tool again.

Cropping Brings Focus and Intention

For a variety of reasons, sometimes it can be difficult to see the exact framing of a subject through the lens while you're making an image. Thankfully, images can be cropped after-the-fact so that only the important elements remain in the frame. A well-cropped image has a solid composition and intentional focus. Removing visual distractions lets viewers’ eyes go straight to the subject, so you can get your point across without question.

Keep Learning About Lightroom Mobile and Photography

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