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How to Sync Presets From Lightroom Classic to Lightroom Mobile

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Developing an aesthetic that's uniquely your own is so important to the overall feel of your photography. Presets are such simple and powerful tools to help you achieve consistency across your images.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to take the presets you've downloaded or created on your laptop or desktop version of Adobe Lightroom Classic, and get them synced to Lightroom Mobile (aka Lightroom CC) so you'll have easy access to the same aesthetics when you're on the go using Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your phone or tablet.

Sync Presets From Lightroom Classic to Lightroom Mobile

1. Open Adobe Lightroom Classic and Locate the Develop Module

The Develop module, on the top right of your screen, is where all of the editing happens, and it's where your presets are stored.

2. Track Down the Preset(s)

Right-click (or Control-click on a Mac) on the desired preset(s) and select Show in Finder. This will bring you to the folder on your hard drive where your preset is saved. 

3. Copy

Copy the desired preset files onto your mobile device.

4. Open Adobe Lightroom Mobile (aka Lightroom CC)

On your device, open Lightroom. In the top menu bar, select File, and then Import Profiles & Presets. Navigate over to the folder where you located your preset(s) in Step 2, select the preset(s) you wish to sync, and then click the Import button.

Voila! Your identical preset(s) are now synced from your desktop or laptop version of Lightroom and are ready to use with the touch of a finger from Lightroom CC on your mobile device.

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