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10 Top Lightroom Preset Packs for Portrait Photos

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Forget hiring expensive photo retouchers. We sifted through the portrait photo preset packs for Lightroom and this assortment of ten, ranging from the natural to the expressive, might very well give your portraits the look you've been searching for—instantly.

10 Top Lightroom Presets for Portraits

Cross Processing – 25 Lightroom Presets

Ah the old days! An analogue procedure, cross processing is when film is developed in a chemical solution that's intended for another type of film. The results are surprising and cool and definitely unique. Cross Processing – 25 Lightroom Presets provides this aesthetic while giving you greater control than professional labs had back in the day.

Skin Retouch Lightroom Presets

Designed by professional photographers, Skin Retouch Lightroom Presets is a high quality retouching preset that has skin smoothing, soft glow, and color correction settings expressly for beauty portraits. Great for smartphones or DSLR cameras, this pack delivers on utter flawlessness.

Yolk Portrait Lightroom Presets

Romantic, very warm, with slightly blown out highlights, Yolk Portrait Lightroom Presets set your subjects in the cozy light of a candlelit dinner, or perhaps a bit later, when you're fireside. Its vibrant golden-yellow process results in a rich, expressive aesthetic that is hard to deny.  

16 Pro Portrait + Film Lightroom Presets

Multipurpose presets that work magic on portraits no matter the lighting condition, 16 Pro Portrait + Film Lightroom Presets also include a retro film mood, pastel tones, creamy skin tones, destauration, and more. Add to that: the presets take effect without changing the white balance. 

Portrait HDR Presets for Mobile and Desktop Lightroom

Get that super high-definition look with high contrast and bold lighting that envelopes your subjects and gives your portraits a dramatic story-telling quality. Portrait HDR Presets for Mobile and Desktop Lightroom imbues an eye candy that keeps you staring.

10 Portrait Lightroom Presets

Chances are your portraits are lacking in a little punch right out of the camera; no worries, 10 Portrait Lightroom Presets has got you covered. Compatible with Lightroom mobile, too, this pack supplies you with 10 presets for a variety of bold recipes of contrast and color.

Black Tones Portrait Lightroom Presets Mobile & PC

A fully saturated, deep black is often difficult to achieve in portraits, but this pack goes even one step further. With amped up contrast and a touch of blue, Black Tones Portrait Lightroom Presets Mobile & PC produces portraits with decided style.

Cinematic Neon Portrait Presets Lightroom

Ideal for urban nighttime portraits that rely on artificial light, Cinematic Neon Portrait Presets Lightroom blasts the contrast, saturation, and highlights, giving portraits a surreal, stylized look. This pack comes with four presets and could be especially helpful in difficult lighting conditions.

Matte Portrait Lightroom Presets

Bring down the highlights big time and melt into the soft, velvety feel of a matte aesthetic. Matte Portrait Lightroom Presets preserve the mid-tones and shadows while decreasing the highlights and adding a cool gray-blue cast. 

60 Natural Portrait Lightroom Preset

With 60 presets, this versatile preset pack has all the options you need, no matter the skin tone or intended attitude. 60 Natural Portrait Lightroom Preset enhances the depth of your portraits by providing precise calibration controls that can be adjusted to achieve your exact desire. 

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