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How to Add New Transition Templates to Final Cut Pro

Read Time: 3 mins

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add new transition templates to Final Cut Pro.

Select Your Template

First things first, let's get some new templates. Head over to Envato Elements or Envato Market to find premium templates, or try the free templates for Final Cut Pro from Mixkit. You can also read this guide to Final Cut Pro templates to help you choose.

Find the template you want to use and download it. For this example, we're going with The Most Useful Transitions Pack for FCPX

FCP transiton templates previewFCP transiton templates previewFCP transiton templates preview
The Most Useful Transitions Pack for FCPX

How to Add Transitions Templates to Final Cut Pro

You might get a little lost importing a template into Final Cut Pro, especially if you've used templates for other software, like Premiere Pro, or it's your first time using templates. It's understandable; when it comes to templates FCP not as intuitive as other programs and, admittedly, I was lost the first time I tried to do this. 

Set Up Your Folders

This isn't the most intuitive process but the good thing is once you know how, it's quick and easy.

Open the Finder and navigate to your your Movies folder. Inside that you'll see Motion Templates. Open up this and you should see some folders labelled as Titles, Transitions, Generators etc. Sometimes this section has no folders. Not to worry! You can create your own. You'll want to make sure you spell the words correctly and that they have a capitalized start to the word. For transitions, write Transitions

Select the Transitions folder and type Command-I to open up get Info. Under Name and Extensions, add .localized to the name of the folder so that it becomes Transitions.localized. Renaming the folder in this way creates a link between the folder and FCP's library. 


Installing the Template

Now that you know how the folder system works, you've probably guessed what's next: copying and pasting the downloaded template into the Transitions folder that you just linked with FCP.

Still in your Finder, open up Downloads, or wherever you store downloads, and find your new templates.

Most templates come in a compressed folder. If you find yourself with a folder that needs to be de-compressed, right-click and select Open to extract the files with your Archive Utility.

In our example this is a folder called The Most Useful Transition Pack for FCPX. Next, right-click and select Copy, or copy using the Command-C shortcut with the keyboard. Now head back over to the Transitions folder and Paste in the templates: Command-V.

Copy and Pasting a Downloaded Transition for FCPX

Find The New Template in Final Cut Pro

Last thing to do is open up Final Cut Pro and located the transition. Close and restart the program if you already had it running. The pack will be added automatically and visible in the Transition panel. To use these, simply treat them as any transition—drag and drop onto your footage on the timeline.

Downloaded Transition Pack Successfully Imported Into FCPX

More Video Resources From Envato

And that's it, you are ready to use new transition templates for Final Cut Pro! Here are a few more tutorials and resources to help you use FCP.

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