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25 Top Adobe Final Cut Pro Video Templates for 2024

Final Cut Pro is easier to use when you start with a pre-built FCPX template. In this post, we go over premium templates for Final Cut Pro from Envato Elements to get you started on this software.

In this article, we showcased premium Final Cut Pro templates in top categories. For example, we got openers, graphics, lower-thirds, slideshows, transitions, logo stings, titles, promos, live videos, and more!

All of these premium Adobe Final Cut templates are available with your subscription to Envato Elements!

More Premium Adobe Final Cut Pro Video Templates From Envato Elements

We'll give the spotlight to a few premium FCPX templates that we think fully represent the power and easy-of-use of Envato Element's selection of Final Cut Pro video templates. Play the videos below and witness their potential! 

1. Flat 3D Opener - Adobe Final Cut Pro Template

Flat 3D Opener is a simple, attractive intro template that is quick to load with your own media, and easy to edit. It’s flat and 3D, at the same time! It’s also well-animated and wonderfully dynamic. Swap in your logo at the end to tie the whole thing together.

2. Modern Pack of Titles and Elements - Template for Final Cut Pro

If you make a lot of videos for online newscasts or corporate presentations you can have some fun with this bundle. There are over 520 modern elements to experiment with, including titles, animated infographics, and more. The best part is that everything is easy to use and customize.

3. Big Image Lower-Thirds V3 - Adobe Final Cut Pro Template

Big Image definitely lives up to its name. This is an Adobe Final Cut Pro template for anyone that wants to crank up the style for their lower thirds. Each of the nine templates combines a photo placeholder with an animated and colorful lower-third title.

4. TikTok Promo - Template for Final Cut Pro

TikTok is currently one of the most popular apps out there, and its influence isn’t going away anytime soon. If you’ve got a personal or professional TikTok account to promote, here’s a template for you. One thing that stands out is that the TikTok Promo for Final Cut Pro is always moving. The dynamic style works well with the customizable device mockups and text boxes. Don’t forget the logo placeholder at the end if you’re working on a brand video!

5. Cartoon Transitions Pack - Adobe Final Cut Pro Template

This transition pack is perfect for audiences that want to feel like a kid again. Even the kids that want to grow up too fast will slow down for these. Cartoon Transitions Pack features cool animated 2D effects to move between scenes; they’re loud, they’re vibrant, and they’re easy to edit. With 24 unique animations, these transitions will get your creative juices flowing.

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