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How to Make a Diwali Greeting Video With a Template for After Effects

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Mid-November this year marks Diwali (or Divali, Deepawali, Deepavali), the Indian festival of lights. In this tutorial you'll learn how tp reate a special video greeting for your friends and family this Diwali using a professionally-made template for After Effects: we'll give you a simple run-through of how to use an After Effects template from Envato Elements to help create a memorable message for family, friends, and loved-ones.

How to Make a Diwali Greeting Video With a Template for After Effects

The template we'll demonstrate is Diwali Festival Wishes from Envato Elements. This is how it looks when you open it up in After Effects:

template opened uptemplate opened uptemplate opened up

You’ll see four scenes, and where each one of those is placed in your Timeline lasting 17 seconds in total.

Each scene has a background animation and animated text. The last scene (4) has space for branding, like a logo.

In the Project panel you’ll see scenes and footage folders. The text is is labelled to match the scenes: 1, 2, 3 and 4. The folders have good instructions, each one says something like, ‘open this precomp to edit…’ which is really useful and makes editing the template much more instinctive.

Change Text

changing textchanging textchanging text

Double click on 01 Text in the Project panel to edit it. It’ll appear in your timeline and you can highlight the text and type your message.

changing text 2changing text 2changing text 2

If you didn’t install the font used in the template design (there’s a link included in the download) After Effects will default to another font. You may want to experiment with a few fonts and see what looks good.  

You can change the colour of the text here but just be aware that the background is very colourful and busy, so you need to make sure the text stands out enough from everything else that’s going on.

Add a Logo or Brand

adding a logo or brandadding a logo or brandadding a logo or brand

Double-click 05 Logo Placeholder back in the Project panel and it’ll open up in your Timeline in the same way as the text. You can place a logo image or if you don’t have one, there’s an option to add text instead, just hide the image placeholder and make the text one visible.

Effects and Animations

effects and animationseffects and animationseffects and animations

In each scene there are various effects like Camera Angle, Animation, Colour and so on. If we look at Scene 1 as an example, and drop down the Text 01 options, you’ll see Effects, Transform and Material selections and each of those will drop down to reveal further choices. 

editing effectsediting effectsediting effects

Effects drops down to reveal a glow effect that you can adjust if you want to. So to demonstrate, we’ve changed the colour and intensity in that scene, and it will only affect that particular scene: Scene 1

You can see all of the editable options in the Timeline.

template effectstemplate effectstemplate effects

In the Project panel, Precomps and Others you can see each individual composition that makes up the background appearance and animation. Each are clearly labelled, so if we look at Lamp Base (above) you can see the illustration that forms the bottom of the lamp in the end scene. 

The other elements are presented in the same way, so if you wanted to you could make changes to absolutely everything, though it's worth bearing in mind that all the design elements are created to work together, so any changes you make might have an effect on the video as a whole.

The Finished Diwali Greeting 

This After Effects template is great at both ends of the spectrum. The folders are well-organized and appropriately labelled, so that if you don't have much experience using After Effects, you can quickly and easily make simple changes to personalise your greeting, really quickly. 

If you're an After Effects whiz then it's broken down in such a way that you can fiddle with the various effects and animations until your heart's content, and end up with something completely different.

Either way we hope you'll have fun creating a Diwali greeting for your loved ones this November.

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