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10 Fun Fire & Explosion Video Editor Effects for 2018 (After Effects and Premiere)


Animation and motion graphics take time to learn and develop, so what do you do when you quickly need to create an animation that makes an impact? Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download service that has plenty of pre-built projects: instead of designing from scratch, just add your own logo and text to create animations.

photograph of an artican blowing glass at a workbench
Artisan blowing glass from Envato MArket

In this round-up, I'm going to share ten of the best fiery and explosive video projects that you can use with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.  Make sure to play the previews to get the full picture.

1. Fire Reveal — After Effects Fire Effect

Straight from the fiery pits, this project really brings to life an explosive effect in Adobe After Effects. The photorealistic fire effect in this After Effects project can animate any text or logo to life through the fire and flames.


2. Spirit of Fire — Fiery Logo for After Effects

Spirit of Fire perfectly illustrates how easy it is to use a pre-built project for logo animation. If you want to see your logo forged in a burst of fire and metallic effects, this is the ideal project. You can use this with your own logo to grab an audience's attention right away.


3. Fires of Doom Cinematic Trailer  — After Effects Trailer

For a fiery trailer effect in Adobe After Effects, look no further. Download this package to create an explosive trailer that sets the stage for a fire-filled feature production.


4. Fire Logo Cinematic — After Effects Fiery Logo

For a bit of variety, the Fire Logo Cinematic pack is a more minimalist approach to animating your logo. Not only does this have a fiery effect similar to the other selections above, there's also a blue flame approach that you can use with your own logo.


5. Burning Cinematic — After Effects Logo Intro

Fly over a field of lava with the Burning Cinematic project. It's yet another way to animate a logo in dramatic and blazing fashion.


6. Fire Titles  — Adobe Premiere Fiery Intro

This selection is ideal for Adobe Premiere users. It's bright and explosive and you can simply add a logo and text to set the stage perfectly for your action-packed film.


7. Action FX Fire Smoke Water Effects — Premiere Pro 

Another great choice for Adobe Premiere Pro users is this Smoke Water Effects project. This intro has an almost comic book feel, with bright and colorful bursts of smoke. Try this one out for an intro that grabs attention.


8. Colorful Smoke Reveal  — After Effects Smoke Explosion

The Colorful Smoke Reveal project is a completely different take on an explosive intro. With no plugins required and a variety of color schemes, you can create an intro that feels fit for the big screen with just a few clicks. 


9. Fire Logo Reveal — After Effects Fire Logo Intro 

This pyrotechnic effect for After Effects is one of my favorite selections in this round-up. Watch your own logo painted to life in a burst of flames thanks to the Fire Logo Reveal.


10. Quick Explosion Sting — Smoky After Effects Logo

Most of the time, we only have a few seconds to grab the audience's attention. That's why it helps to use an explosive asset like this one that quickly sets the stage. Try this out to showcase your logo with a quick burst of smoke!


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