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How to Stabilize Video in Final Cut Pro X

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It's rare that hand-held video footage is perfectly stable. Unless you're using a tripod or expensive steadicam, you can bet that your video needs a bit of stabilization in post-production. Luckily, Apple's Final Cut Pro X has stabilization processing built in.

In lesson from the course Video Production on the Go, you'll learn how to use the built-in stabilization options. You don't need any plugins or extras to clean up your shots, though we do take a look at a third-party plugin, Lock&Load X. The built-in options will be enough for most footage.

Stabilization ScreenshotStabilization ScreenshotStabilization Screenshot
Final Cut Pro X has a built-in stabilization tool that will help your shaky footage improve quickly.

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Don't stop here! Final Cut Pro X is easy to get started with, but has plenty of features for beginners to professionals. You can keep learning the app Video Editing in Final Cut Pro; a complete crash course on using FCPX to edit your own videos. Check out the course Video Production on the Go for more hand-held shooting techniques. Whether this is for your own personal footage or a business project, these courses have everything you need to get started as a videographer and editor.

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