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How to Sync Audio Tracks Automatically in Resolve Using Fairlight

Managing external audio can be tricky, with even the most seasoned pros occasionally getting lost. Whether it's the lack of easily read file names, or the large volume of clips you have to manage, figuring out which clips match can really bog you down. Thankfully that's a thing of the past! In this tutorial we'll go over the amazing Auto Sync Audio tool in DaVinci's Fairlight that makes matching your sources a breeze.

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Auto Sync That Audio

The Auto Sync feature kind of feels like magic, though it works by analyzing either the .wav form or timecode stamp as a reference. In this tutorial we'll be using the .wav as an example, and editing using Resolve 17.

You can select all your files in your media pool and with two clicks, the program will attach and sync the files for you. Let's cover synching two files together first to get things started.

How to Auto Sync Single Clips

There are two ways you can do this: on and off the timeline. They're pretty much identical other than being able to visually see the sync when on the timeline.

From Media Pool (off the timeline)

Select the two clips that have matching audio, for example your scratch track from the camera and the replacement audio made with a better, closer microphone. Right-click, select Auto Sync Audio - Based on Waveform. Then listen back to hear that the audio has been swapped out.

Auto Sync Pathway

From Timeline

This is the same process as synching from the media pool. With your video and replacement audio on the timeline highlighted, right-click and select Auto Sync Audio. You'll see you clips visually line up perfectly.

Checking The Work

If you'd like to check the status of your video clip in relation to the audio, it's understandable. You can do this by checking the clips attributes. 

Select the clip in question, right-click and open Clip Attributes. Select Audio in the header, and under Source Channel you'll  see Embedded Channel (original audio) or Linked Channel (linked with replacement audio).Using the drop down menu in Source Channel you can toggle back and forth the audio you'd like to use.

Clip Attributes, Audio

Synching All Clips From Media Pool

To do this, select all of the clips in the media pool and follow the same steps as you did to sync a single clip. You'll likely run into a tiny hiccup, an error message telling you that Auto Sync Failed. This is because you likely have video clips with no matching audio. This is likely the B Roll or Audio Field Recordings you captured. Click Ok, and inspect any clip in the media pool using the Check The Work method. You'll see that your audio source is now Linked Media.

That's It!

Thanks for checking out this tutorial and learning a great Davinci Resolve tool that will help you quickly and easily synch up your audio. If you'd like to learn more, here are a few more tutorials that will further your editing journey.

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