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How to Use the Halation Effect on Background Lighting in Resolve

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In this lesson we'll take a quick look at how the Halation effect can give you a nice, ambient background glow.

What is Halation?

Halation is something that appears in areas of high contrast in over-exposed areas. If you think about a streetlamp when you photograph it, you get a sort of bright halo bleeding into the darker areas around the lamp - that's halation. Quite often, this can have a red glare to it in the midtones, too.

While this might sometimes be something you want to avoid, you can use a Halation Effect to add a soft glow to your lighting, particularly in the background, to help give it a nice ambience. Here's a quick how-to.

How to Use the Halation Effect on Background Lighting in Resolve 


On the footage I'm working on, there are some highlights on the metal, and some light hitting the back wall, so if I dragged Halation into the Effects node, it would apply to the whole image and be too much.

halation added to nodehalation added to nodehalation added to node

Instead, I've dragged it onto the Ambience node, because that's just applying to the background, so it's added a natural glow to the back wall.

side by sideside by sideside by side

Here it is side by side, you can see the right has a subtle, warm orange glow to it compared to the original - that's Halation!

Create Light Effects with a DaVinci Resolve Template

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