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Prime Lenses: The Good, the Bad, and the Shallow Depth of Field

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Prime lenses is a lens that has one focal length only, meaning that they don't zoom. A prime lens you might be familiar with is 50mm lens— is a classic first prime to add to a kit.

Primes are often lauded for their wider apertures, better image quality, and value, compared to their expensive zoom counterparts But, you sacrifice the ability to zoom in on your subjects with the fixed focal length. What lens is right for your needs?

In this video lesson, learn about the pluses and minuses of using prime lenses. You'll see how you can add prime lenses to your kit, which ones to choose first, and when to choose a prime over a zoom lens while shooting.

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So, what should you look for when choosing a lens? Check out the course What Every Photographer Should Know About Lenses. Not all lenses are created equally, and I'll teach you what to look for as you begin to build out your own lens lineup.

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