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Top 3 Film Emulation LUTs (Look Presets) to Instantly Change Picture Styles

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In this Top 3 round-up, we focus on three of the top film emulation LUTs, or quick presets to apply a film-style to your video footage. Supported by popular video editors like Final Cut and After Effects, these LUT files allow you to give any video that classic celluloid look and feel. They’re refined enough to deliver this unique look, yet flexible enough to apply to almost any project. 

100 Film LUTs
All 100 of these film LUTs can take your footage back in time with an analog effect.

All of these LUTs are included with a monthly membership to Envato Elements, an unlimited-download service featuring over one million digital assets. LUTs found on Elements are designed by skilled professionals, taking the guesswork out of your own video creation. 

Note: The assets in this round-up are promoted as Lightroom photo presets, but you’ll get a matching LUT video file for each one, too.

1. 100 Film LUT Effects

Looking for maximum utility in a single download? Start right here, with this 100-effect pack. It introduces the unmistakable appearance of a film recording, all while preserving superb quality. Try out a few effects to find one that perfectly fits your scene.

You aren't seeing double with the image in the intro: the LUTs below are just the second set of 25 in this package of 100 LUTs.

Film Style LUTs

2. 14 Pink LUTs

Pink tones create a warm, retro ambience that draws audiences closer, and pink is on trend right now. And with these LUTs, you can add them in just a few clicks. Whether creating an inviting promo or a summer social video, this sleek offering is just right for you.

Pink LUTs

3. Orange and Teal Pro

Shades of orange and teal lend an abstract, artistic quality to your production. They’ll fill any screen with light and give viewers a sense of connection. Plus, these LUTs are stackable, making advanced layering a breeze in your favorite video editor.

Orange and Teal Pro

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