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3 Top Business Meeting Video Templates for After Effects

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When presenting at a business meeting, it's critical to keep your audience engaged. One easy way to do that is with video. 

Here are a few reasons why you should use videos in your next business meeting: 

  • They capture attention better than simple slides ever can
  • They add visual interest 
  • They help quickly explain key concepts 

You can learn more about creating winning business videos in 5 Key Questions to Ask Before You Record a Business Video:

Top Video Template for Business Meetings

Here are three of the top video templates for business meetings, all included with your Envato Elements membership:

1. Corporate Development – Thin Line Icons

This animated icon pack is the perfect choice for your next business meeting. Each engaging animation helps illustrate steps and stages of your project.

2. Elegant Corporate Presentation

This corporate slideshow is a flexible choice for your next meeting. Use it to present data, introduce team members, outline a project, and more.

3. Instant Corporate Timeline

Keep your business meeting on track with this versatile timeline template, designed for projects large and small.

More of the Best Busines Video Projects

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