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15 Top Corporate After Effects Templates for Your Inspiration


When you need to produce a video for your business, where do you start? Even if you have experience with video editors like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, you might need to learn another app to add animation to your video.

Adobe After Effects is one of the best animation apps, but it takes time to learn. Instead of learning an entirely new app to create a video for your business, you can use a pre-built After Effects project and drop in your own logo and information. 

Animated Title
This is just one example of an animated title ideal for corporate videos.

In this round-up, I'll show you 15 Adobe After Effects projects that you can use for your company's video. These animations are easy to customize for your own use.

Watch & Learn

In the screencast below, I'll use one of the assets in this round-up to create a business video example. You'll see me open one of the example projects and add my own logo and text to it.


The selections I've made for this roundup are clean and contemporary and ideal for a business video. Let's take a look:

1) Black Classic 3D Logo

Black Classic 3D Logo in After Effects

This is a straightforward and clean logo animation. Drop in your own logo file and you'll see it animated in this high gloss, dark metal style.

Good for: a simple and professional logo animation.

2) 30 Simple Titles

30 Simple After Effects Titles

One common misconception is that you need video footage to create a video. This example is a great showcase of how you can use animated titles and overlays with still photos to create sharp videos.

Good for: any video that needs a title or text overlay.

3) Corporate Typography Pack

Corporate Typography Pack

Beyond the typographic elements, this pack includes a nice set of animations. It's a great combination of animated scenes with clean, sharp typography.

Good for: creating animated videos using the built-in assets.

4) Company Timeline

Company Timeline

If you want to tell the story and history of your company, a timeline is a great way to do it. With this project, you can drop in your own dates and details quickly.

Good for: creating an animated history of your company.

5) Lower Thirds

Corporate Lower Thirds

A "lower thirds" pack is an essential video element. Instead of animating your own from scratch, you can use this project file to add overlays easily.

Good for: adding overlays without learning After Effects from scratch.

6) Flat Animated Icons

Corporate Icons

Many companies want to produce animated explainer videos, but don't have the tools to do so. That's why this pack is a great way to use built-in animated icons for your own explainer video.

Good for: animated video without the budget of hiring a dedicated animator.

7) World Map Animation

World Map Animation

If your company has global operations or ambitions to expand to clients in other regions, this might be the perfect animation for you.

Good for: companies highlighting their international footprint.

8) Call-Out Titles

Call out After Effects

I love these animated titles as a way to annotate your video. You could use those titles to showcase prices as shown in the example above, or add more details about specific sections of the video.

Good for: calling attention to specific details in your video.

9) Platform - Corporate Video Package

Platform - Corporate After Effects

This is a truly professional pack of video effects. It includes everything from animated charts to an "awards and recognition" view. 

Good for: creating a recruiting video or presentation to raise funding for your business.

10) Whiteboard Write


Whiteboard videos are a great way to teach or illustrate a concept. You don't have to film your own hands on the whiteboard thanks to this After Effects project.

Good for: creating an animated whiteboard video quickly.

11) Logo Openers

Logo Openers

A strong company identity is crucial to your business being recognized. These logo openers are clean and straightforward.

Good for: a simple and clean logo introduction.

12) Fast and Short Slideshow

Fast Short Slideshow

This pack, shown in the example, is a great way to use photos or video clips in an eye-catching slideshow.

Good for: using existing video footage with text for a quick slideshow.

13) Minimal Corp - Corporate Video Package

Minimal Corp

This is a general purpose package with a variety of assets like logo animations, process showcases, and more. If you're just getting started, a complete package like this is a great way to get started.

Good for: the After Effects beginner who needs a variety of animation templates.

14) Clean Kinetic Typography

Clean Kinetic

If you don't have photos or video footage to use, a typographic video is a great choice. You can use these animated typography assets to create your own video.

Good for: producing typographic videos on a budget.

15) Lower Thirds

Lower Thirds All Up

Here's another choice for adding lower thirds overlays to your videos. There are a ton of choices in this pack to choose from so that you can add variety in your videos.

Good for: adding lower thirds without ever re-using the same asset.

Recap & Keep Learning

You don't have to know how to use every app to create high quality videos. In this round-up, I've shared some of my favorite After Effects projects that are a great fit for companies.

If these assets don't fit and you want something less corporate, check out these round-ups to see more choices:

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