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10 Top Style and Color Grading Presets for Capture One Pro

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Save yourself a boatload of time sailing in the oceanic abyss of styles and color grading presets. These 10 gems for Capture One might just be the oasis you’re looking for.

Top Presets for Capture One

Envato Elements offers millions of stock photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, video project templates for After EffectsPremiere ProFinal Cut Pro and Motion, and creative courses here on Envato Tuts+, and top-quality style presets for Capture One, all with a single subscription.

Influencer Gray

Calling all bloggers, vloggers, and influencers! Influencer gray has arrived. This preset infuses gray tones while preserving skin tones, giving images a warm, slightly unsaturated look. The cherry on top: VOXCOLOR SmoothTones, which helps reduce banding and artifacts.

Midnight Vibe

Specifically built to deal with the light extremes of nighttime photography, Midnight Vibe lets you recolor your nighttime photographs without altering white balance or exposure. Major bonus: VOXCOLOR’s skin tone protection algorithm is also included.

Moody Nature

In case the world isn’t emotional or dramatic enough for you, check out Moody Nature. Presets with the names autumn, journey, mist, and route imbue images with an affecting, if not sentimental, veil.


Turn the perfection of digital images into the nostalgic uniqueness of film photography. Woods is a high-end film effect that reduces contrast, adds a touch of cyan, and transforms pixels with the look of film grain for a real soul-soothing effect. 

Nostalgic Travel

The look of yesteryear is a mere click away. Nostalgic Travel preset imbues contrasty tones and retro colors that hits somewhere in between the travel influencer look and vintage photography films.


Dive in to the serenity and richness of Crema. Ideal for fashion, editorial, and portrait photography, this preset lets shadows fall dark and illuminates highlights with light crema tone. 

Vaporwave Neon

Enter the retro-futuristic world of Vaporwave Neon presets. Colors are transformed into the eye candy of purples, cyans, yellows, and pinks, with a built-in opacity slider for fine tuning.


Casting the look and feel of faraway lands, Fairytale turns ordinary photos into moody, ethereal vistas. These presets drop in a beautiful, subtle glow using colors inspired by animation films.


Super indeed. This Superfood preset enhances the look of different types of food, depending on the color (i.e.: the blueberry preset places subtle focus on blue-colored food). It's a perfect choice for moody and rustic food photos. 

Beautiful Day

Especially suited for bright outdoor photos, Beautiful Day gives your images a happy and light look by adding vibrant colors and airy tones. It’s also speed-optimized for faster editing, particularly helpful when mobile editing.

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