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3 Top Astrology Video Templates for Premiere Pro (Instagram+)

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Ready to share all your astrology-related video on Instagram? Thanks to Envato Elements and its collection of stunning templates, it doesn’t have to be hard. On this page you'll see three motion graphics templates for Adobe Premiere Pro to help you create Instagram videos quickly.

Motion Graphics Templates for Astrology and Horoscope Videos

Let’s explore three top Premiere Pro Instagram templates suitable for horoscopes and astrology on Instagram. You’ll find each one on Envato Elements. 

1. Instagram Stories Stomp

Have amazing astrology memes that you can’t wait to share with the world? Instagram Stories Stomp is ready to help, with a wide variety of customization features. Drop-in your images and quotes, then pair them with custom effects—all in 4K resolution that looks great on any mobile device!

2. Instagram Quotes Stories

Your Instagram astrology memes are sure to benefit from expertly-designed unique fonts. These text effects for Instagram help you elevate your style as you share. They’re easy to customize, and perfectly adapted to Instagram’s popular post layouts.

3. Particle Stars Titles—Premiere Pro

The ideal complement to your astrology meme videos, Particle Stars Titles lends an ethereal and otherworldly style. It’s quick and easy to tailor the template to fit your content perfectly. Add audio for the ultimate effect.

Top Astrology Graphics For Your Instagram Story

If you're ready to launch an astrology-focused account on Instagram, it helps to have graphics that are licensed for use. Envato Elements has tons of assets that you can use as part of the all-you-can-download license.

Astrology templates Envato ElementsAstrology templates Envato ElementsAstrology templates Envato Elements
Use these astrology graphics, included with Envato elements, to create your content easily.

You won't run into any copyright claims when you use astrology graphics from Envato Elements. And they're all included for use, so you won't run out of options anytime soon.

Instagram Story Premiere ProInstagram Story Premiere ProInstagram Story Premiere Pro
On Envato Elements, you unlock unlimited Premiere Pro downloads—and so much more.

You can join Elements with a low monthly subscription, and start exploring the vast library of creative assets, numbering in the millions. What’s more: with unlimited downloads you’re free to try out as many as you need! It’s truly the ultimate value for creatives.

More Instagram Story Templates

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