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3 Top Video Templates to Celebrate the Winter Solstice (for After Effects, Premiere Pro)

The winter solstice is nearly upon us, marking the day of the longest night and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere. Or, another way to look at it: the winter solstice is the start the days getting longer! No matter how you think about the holiday, this round-up includes templates to produce celebratory videos.

Let's look at 3 of the best video templates you can use to celebrate the winter solstice. Use them to easily produce a video to mark the holiday! They're all included with a subscription to Envato Elements.

3 Top Templates for the Winter Solstice

1. Earth Horizon (After Effects)

Scenery of the sun and moon are perfect for celebrating the solstice. This template is ready-to-use in Adobe After Effects. You can create optical flares to shift the light source in the frame, easily.

2. Earth Planet Titles (Premiere Pro)

Here's another otherworldly template that balances the earth and sun. This works in Adobe Premiere Pro and is just as easy to use. It has simple text placeholders that you can fill in with your names and details to celebrate the season.

3. Dawn Intro (After Effects)

The shortest day today means that you'll see more of the sun tomorrow; that's why a scene of the sun rising can set off the season perfectly! Use this template in Adobe After Effects to bring that to life.

The Best Source for Stock Footage to Add (With Unlimited Downloads)

While video templates help you with your productions, you might need stock footage and photos to finalize them.

Each of the templates in this round-up comes from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service for creatives. In addition to these templates, you'll also gain unlimited access to stock footage. 

Sunrise video stock footageSunrise video stock footageSunrise video stock footage
Use the sunrise, sunset, and more footage from Envato Elements for your solstice video.

Remember: the same subscription that unlocks your access to video templates also gives you this stock footage. It's the power of a subscription to Envato Elements.

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