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Learn about the latest video equipment and gear for your productions. From cameras and lenses to lighting and audio equipment, we've got you covered.

All Equipment courses:

  1. Cinematic Drone Video Post-Production

    Cinematic Drone Video Post-Production

    Course Intermediate

    In this course you will learn post-production practices that will greatly increase the impact and cinematic value of your aerial footage. Topics covered...

  2. Cinematic Drone Video Production

    Cinematic Drone Video Production

    Course Beginner

    Light unmanned vehicles are opening the skies to brand new kinds of affordable aerial filmmaking. In this course you will learn about the innovative world of...

  3. Environmental Lighting for Video

    Environmental Lighting for Video

    Course Beginner

    We don't always have the equipment or money to set up lights in outdoor situations. So usually we only shoot with the sun or with a reflector. In this course...

  4. Better Video With Your Smartphone

    Better Video With Your Smartphone

    Course Beginner

    Better Video With Your Smartphone will help you make great-looking video with the amazing little video camera in your pocket. This course explores...

  5. Photo and Video Gear Hacks

    Photo and Video Gear Hacks

    Course Beginner

    No matter how sophisticated your equipment, no kit can handle every sticky situation, hazardous environment, or demanding shoot you put it through. In this...

  6. Professional Vlogging

    Professional Vlogging

    Course Beginner

    A video blog or video log, sometimes shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video. Many people like to make videos about random...

  7. Lighting Basics for Video

    Lighting Basics for Video

    Course Beginner

    It can be tricky to get the lighting just right when videoing people. But now, David Bode will show us how to get the lighting perfect for any shot, in...