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20 Top Text and Title Templates for Lower-Thirds in Premiere Pro + 10 Free

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In this article, we’ve collected our top Adobe Premiere lower thirds templates. These are from the talented authors at Envato Elements.

Top Premiere Pro Lower Thirds

1. Cursor Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro

These lower thirds for Premiere Pro are perfect for creative and modern videos!

Key Features

These Premiere Pro lower thirds will reveal your text with a dynamic cursor. They'll create a dynamic movement with a digital and cool appearance.

  • Applications: Premiere Pro
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: DemeterProject

Download and Try

Get high-quality video transition effects with Envato Elements. Elevate your video projects with unlimited downloads. All these from a curated library with the best video transitions, stock video, and more! 

Cursor Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro is available with an Envato Elements subscription:

More Premiere Pro Lower Thirds from Envato Elements

Do you need more Premium lower thirds for Premiere Pro? Envato Elements offers thousands of high-quality Premiere Pro lower thirds. Just subscribe to Envato Elements and start downloading Premium creative assets.

Here are some Premium lower thirds for Premiere Pro that you should check out:

2. Modern Premiere Pro Lower Thirds

If you're looking for lower thirds that have a modern touch, these are the right option for you. Download lower thirds for Premiere Pro with plenty of styles, fonts, and transitions. 


3. Clean & Modern Lower Thirds Premiere Pro

These colorful Premiere Pro lower thirds will catch your audience's attention. You'll have 4K files with no plugins required and easy customization. Begin working with these right away!


More Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro from Envato Elements

4. Cool Premiere Pro Lower Thirds

Are you working on a corporate video? You surely need modern and professional Premiere Pro lower thirds. Download and get 10 unique lower thirds for Premiere Pro.

5. List Titles & Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro

People love lists, and we're sure your audience loves them too! Be sure to grab this cool lower thirds Premiere pack. It features 15 different design titles for your next videos! 

6. Clean Lower Thirds for Social Media

If you like clean and minimalist designs, this is the template for you. This lower third Premiere Pro template includes a set of minimalist lower thirds. No plugins are required, and they're all easily customizable.

7. Auto Resize Premiere Pro Lower Thirds

What's nice about these lower thirds examples is that they're self-resizing. This means every box will automatically scale to your text. This will give your videos a polished and modern look, quickly.

8. Call-Outs & Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro

Now, are you looking for variety? This lower thirds Premiere pack comes with different styles. Experiment with them until you find your favorite!

9. Modern Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro

This pack contains a variety of lower thirds, so be prepared to spend some time trying them all. Also, you won't need any plugins to use this lower third Premiere Pro project.

10. Animated Premiere Pro Lower Thirds

Looking for more lower thirds examples? Here's is an incredibly useful download. Of course, it contains lower thirds in a variety of styles and transitions. 

11. Colorful Introductory Lower Thirds 

This lower third Premiere Pro template includes 32 lower thirds. These are great to introduce anyone who appears in your video. The lower third templates are in full HD resolution (1920x1080) and are easy to use.

12. Lower Thirds Brand Pack

These 4K lower third Premiere Pro templates are perfect to show your brand's identity. You won’t need plugins to use this template. Moreover, you get full color control.

13. Vibrant Lower Thirds

10 modern and clean titles await you in this lower thirds pack. You’ll have plenty of options for a variety of projects. Moreover, you'll get individual controls for each title.

14. Lower Thirds for Impactful Text

This Lower Thirds Premiere Pro project includes nine original and bright lower thirds. These would look great in an action short film or a sports-related video.

15. 9-in-1 Lower Thirds

These easy-to-use lower third templates work in both Premiere Pro and After Effects. This is the perfect lower third pack to give your video a modern, eye-catching full HD look.

16. Clean Adobe Premiere Lower Thirds

Try these premium Premiere Pro lower thirds for your next video presentation. These are great to introduce someone, or even to emphasize a topic. The pack features 6 lower third templates, all available in full HD.

17. Lower Thirds Premiere Pro Templates

With this download, you'll get 14 neat and HD lower third templates. These are ideal for titles, descriptions, and important quotes. No plugins required!

18. Seasons Lower Thirds Templates

Just look at these fun and colorful lower thirds Premiere Pro templates. They're super eye catching with animated designs. You'll find three lower thirds templates for each season!

19. Lower Thirds Templates for Titles

Check out these neon Premiere Pro lower thirds. Use them to create dynamic titles that won't go unnoticed. The download includes six HD lower thirds templates.

20. Awards Lower Thirds Premiere Pro Templates

Do you need to create a video presentation for an awards ceremony? This lower third Premiere Pro pack is for you! Enjoy 4K and full HD resolution. You also get full color control.

10 Free Lower-Thirds for Premiere Pro From Mixkit

You've seen a selection of the best lower thirds examples from Envato Elements. But what if there's no budget for premium lower third templates?

We've got free lower third graphics for Premiere Pro from Mixkit, part of the Envato family. There you'll find your free Premiere Pro templates and more free assets.

Here are some free lower third graphics for Premiere Pro for you:

1. Bold Lower Third

Bold Lower-thirdBold Lower-thirdBold Lower-third

This free lower third template for Premiere Pro features a simple, bold heading. It has an animated intro and clearance.

2. Elegant Lower Third

This lower third reveals itself with the path of a bar that slides from left to right. It's a good free lower third template for Premiere Pro if you like the minimalist style.

3. Cinematic Credits Lower Third

This is a modern opening credits lower-third with a subtle distortion animation. The free lower third template for Premiere Pro is perfect for cinematic projects.

4. Retro Instagram Lower Third

Use this free lower third template for Premiere Pro for your next retro project! It features a right-aligned logo with a bold heading and boxed subheading.

5. Lower Third with Text Boxes

Lower third with text boxesLower third with text boxesLower third with text boxes

This free lower third template for Premiere Pro must be in your toolkit. It's two text boxes with a title and a subtitle sliding from the left and the text coming from the right.

6. Diagonal Fee Lower Thirds Premiere Pro

As the name suggests, this is a diagonal free lower thirds animation. It appears from below into the bottom of the crees.

7. Fast Ink Free Lower Thirds Template

Free lower third templates like this are great for announcement. This one has room for three lines of text with a quick ink effect.

8. Zoom Lower Third Premiere Pro

This template offers lower thirds for free, where the text zooms out at the start.

9. Boxed Instagram Lower Thirds for Free

Boxed Instagram Lower-thirdBoxed Instagram Lower-thirdBoxed Instagram Lower-third

Try free lower third templates like this one to showcase your social media handles. This one's for Instagram accounts.

10. Racing Free Lower Third Templates

This is a sporty example of free lower thirds for Premiere Pro. You'll get a middle-aligned lower third for Premiere Pro with gradient edged border.

Learning Resources from Envato

Free Video Course on Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to easily add text in Premiere Pro in this Premiere Pro tutorial.

Tom Graham teaches you how to create text titles and add animations to text. He also explains how to import and customise MOGRT files in the Essential Graphics tab. You'll learn to create subtitles and captions from automatically generated transcripts too.

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About the Authors

Marie Gardiner wrote this. Gonzalo Angulo updated the selection and expanded the entry for our featured items on December 29, 2022. Jackson Couse edited and published this.

Make Your Project Shine With the Top Premiere Pro Lower Thirds

Now you can choose the Premiere Pro lower thirds that you need. You can get lower thirds for free, but going premium is always the best choice. Envato Elements has thousands of great lower thirds Premiere Pro templates.

Get your favorite Adobe Premiere lower thirds and start editing today!

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