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18 Top Broadcast Lower Thirds Title Templates for After Effects (News, Docs, Live)

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Lower thirds are the only graphics on-screen in your video while people talk and the action happens. How do you choose something that has professional impact without overshadowing your video?

In this article, I've compiled the eight of the top logo reveal and sting downloads currently available on Envato Elements, plus a further ten on Envato Market.

8 Top Lower Thirds Templates for Broadcast and News Video From Envato Elements

Envato Elements has a huge selection of graphics and templates for video projects made by professional motion designers, all available with a simple, affordable subscription. You can download, try, and use as much as you want! Here are eight of our picks from the many lower thirds available on Elements for broadcast video:

1. Minimalist Lower Thirds

This four-pack of minimalist lower thirds work well for any type of broadcast or show. This pack is easily customizable and is particularly suited to a news or network television environment.

2. Simple Lower Thirds

This one does what it says on the tin: Super simple and super clear, Simple Lower Thirds is well suited to convey informations quickly and easily.

Simple Lower ThirdsSimple Lower ThirdsSimple Lower Thirds
Simple Lower Thirds

3. Lower Thirds

This pack comprises 18 Lower Thirds with a video tutorial included. Experiment with colour with this After Effects compatible resource selection.

Lower ThirdsLower ThirdsLower Thirds
Lower Thirds

4. Lower Thirds

Another package called Lower Thirds, but who can blame them, as this is exactly what it is. A modern, clean and dynamic lower thirds suited to title sequences for thrillers, dramas or other television productions.

Lower ThirdsLower ThirdsLower Thirds
Lower Thirds

5. Springloaded Lower Thirds

This is an excellent pack to add dynamism to lower thirds graphics. These grab the viewer's attention with their spring-loaded animation into place. Customise the lower thirds further with one of seven different texture options.

Springloaded Lower ThirdsSpringloaded Lower ThirdsSpringloaded Lower Thirds
Springloaded Lower Thirds

6. Patriotic Lower Thirds

With nine professional designed options, Patriotic Lower Thirds for After Effects is perfect for when you want to stir up a little love for your country. Celebrate everything from the 4th of July to local election results in your broadcast with this red, white and blue theme.

Patriotic Lower ThirdsPatriotic Lower ThirdsPatriotic Lower Thirds
Patriotic Lower Thirds

7. Modern Titles and Lower Thirds

If you create a lot of varied projects or you just find it really hard to choose, then this pack of Modern Titles and Lower Thirds will keep you satisfied. They're not all variations on a theme either, there's a real mix here, perfect for just about any project.

Modern Titles and Lower ThirdsModern Titles and Lower ThirdsModern Titles and Lower Thirds
Modern Titles and Lower Thirds

8. Box Lower Thirds

Box Lower Thirds has a unique and fun look. Modern, and with an en vogue 'simplistic' twist, this set is great for social media updates or just to add a little informality and fun to your broadcast.

Box Lower ThirdsBox Lower ThirdsBox Lower Thirds
Box Lower Thirds

10 Top Lower Thirds Templates for Broadcast Video From Envato Market

Here, we've put together ten great sets of lower thirds from Envato Market that are perfect for your broadcast.

1. Lower Thirds

Smart and simple, this lower thirds set contains over 50 options and two logo animations. You won’t need any plugins to use this and there’s a detailed tutorial included.

Lower ThirdsLower ThirdsLower Thirds
Lower Thirds

2. Discreet Business Lower Thirds

With three discrete lower thirds, you can draw attention to your information without the graphics being overpowering or taking away authority.

3. Glass Lower Third

A sparkly but still serious lower-third set adds just a touch of informality to your broadcast. Glass Lower Third is available in four colours and comes in full-HD.

Glass Lower ThirdGlass Lower ThirdGlass Lower Third
Glass Lower Third

4. Clean Lower Thirds

Clean Lower Thirds is a clean and professional looking project, with the colours easily changed in one simple step. You won’t need any prior knowledge of After Effects to use this and the download comes with a step by step video tutorial in case you get stuck.

Clean Lower ThirdsClean Lower ThirdsClean Lower Thirds
Clean Lower Thirds

5. Elegant Lower Third

This template comes in here separate files (one for each colour) and last 20 seconds, so they’re ideal for broadcasts. Alpha channel is included, so you just need to overlay your material and away you go.

Elegant Lower ThirdElegant Lower ThirdElegant Lower Third
Elegant Lower Third

6. Light Lower Third

A shiny, semi-transparent lower third with a light flare and soft sweep that will add a touch of class to any project.

Light Lower ThirdLight Lower ThirdLight Lower Third
Light Lower Third

7. Modern Lower Thirds

Change colour and opacity quickly and easily with the Modern Lower Thirds template. The download comes with a tutorial and you shouldn’t need any prior knowledge to get started.

Modern Lower ThirdsModern Lower ThirdsModern Lower Thirds
Modern Lower Thirds

8. Simple Lower Thirds

This updated version now contains 40 lower thirds (an increase of 20 on the previous download), so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to styling your broadcast.

 Simple Lower Thirds Simple Lower Thirds Simple Lower Thirds
Simple Lower Thirds

9. Broadcast News Lower Thirds

This project is easy to customise with any colour or font. It includes five pre-made lower thirds and an optional breaking news tab. You won’t need any extra plugins and if you get stuck, there’s a handy walk-through video.

Broadcast News Lower ThirdsBroadcast News Lower ThirdsBroadcast News Lower Thirds
Broadcast News Lower Thirds

10. Foxy Lower Third & Bug

The Foxy Lower Third is a modern and glossy lower third, whilst maintaining a professional tone essential for broadcast news. Easy to customise and comes with email support should you need it.

Foxy Lower Third  BugFoxy Lower Third  BugFoxy Lower Third  Bug
Foxy Lower Third & Bug

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