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9 Top Story and Post Video Templates for Adobe Premiere Rush

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Looking for cool Instagram templates you can customise on the go with Adobe Premiere Rush? Well, you're in luck. Envato Elements is a terrific source for premium video templates, and today we're featuring nine of the best Instagram templates you can find there. 

Top Premiere Rush Instagram Templates

Instagram Stories for Premiere Rush

Instagram Stories for Premiere Rush offers 14 unique and charming templates that provide a terrific vehicle for showing off your fashion, travel, food photos, and more. All the templates are easy to use and can be customised in no time at all to suit your brand.

Food Organic Instagram Post Mogrt 10

Into food? This fabulous template will help you present your gorgeous food shots in a more compelling and memorable way using clever animations and bold, attention-getting text.

Food Organic Instagram Post Mogrt 10Food Organic Instagram Post Mogrt 10Food Organic Instagram Post Mogrt 10

Fashion-Inspired Instagram Posts

Fashionistas, beauty bloggers, and other creatives will love this stunning motion graphics template design to jazz up your Instagram posts. The template offers ten animated Instagram posts that are easy to customise in both Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush, and there's a video tutorial included in case you get stuck.

Fashion Inspired Instagram PostsFashion Inspired Instagram PostsFashion Inspired Instagram Posts

Christmas Instagram Stories

There's a lot of competition for attention at Christmas, so you've got to make sure that the promotions you use in your Instagram stories stand out from the crowd. This Christmas Instagram Stories collection will help you do just that. With 16 terrific templates to choose from, you have more than enough chances to catch the attention of your target audience.

Christmas Instagram StoriesChristmas Instagram StoriesChristmas Instagram Stories

Fresh Instagram Stories

Whether you're into fashion, beauty, travel, art, craft, or something else entirely, these 22 dazzling Instagram Stories templates can help you get the attention you deserve. They offer stunning motion graphics, and all you need to do is add your own text, colour scheme, and images to customise these templates.

Fresh Instagram StoriesFresh Instagram StoriesFresh Instagram Stories

Colorful Instagram Stories

Using vibrant colours is a great way to attract the human eye, and this Colorful Instagram Stories template uses vibrant colours in spades. Not only that, but it also combines those colours with great motion graphics, including beautiful shapes and bold text. This would be a great template for a wide variety of accounts. 

Colorful Instagram StoriesColorful Instagram StoriesColorful Instagram Stories

Moodboard Instagram Stories for Premiere Rush

Get your audience into the right mood when you use Moodboard Instagram Stories for Premiere Rush. All you need to do is add your own images and text, and this great template does the rest for you.

Moodboard Instagram Stories for Premiere RushMoodboard Instagram Stories for Premiere RushMoodboard Instagram Stories for Premiere Rush

Instagram Stories: Marketing (MOGRT)

Using Instagram stories for marketing? Well-designed templates can help you get the job done in half the time. Customise these animated motion graphics templates in Adobe Premiere Rush, and start creating attention-getting marketing stories for your Instagram account. 

Autumn Instagram Stories

In spite of its name, this pack of 16 Autumn Instagram stories templates can be used for any purpose. The motion graphics templates are super easy to customise in Premiere Rush by adding your own text, images, and videos. A helpful video tutorial is included in case you get stuck. 

Autumn Instagram StoriesAutumn Instagram StoriesAutumn Instagram Stories

More Templates and Tutorials for Premiere and Rush

Find more top templates for Premiere Rush and Premier Pro in these articles:

More Resources From Envato

Envato has lots of resources to try. Placeit lets you make high-quality motion graphics in your browser, no software needed. Reshot has free photos, icons, and graphics. And give your brand's channel a boost with our comprehensive guide for video marketing content creators.

Share Your Craft on the Envato Forums

Finally, if you put one of these Adobe Premiere Rush templates to use, please do let us know on the Envato forums. We love to see the projects you create!

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