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3 Top YouTube Video Templates for Adobe Rush


This round-up presents three of the best YouTube templates for Rush, the new easy-to-use video editing app from Adobe. Rush supports some templates previously only available for use in Premiere; great news for video makers in a hurry.

On this page we focus on three main template categories: logo reveal, video preview, and graphics for your channel.

YouTube Templates for Adobe Rush

About Elements

Envato Elements' video section includes templates for popular video editing apps like After Effects, Premiere, and now Rush. Even for rookie video editors, these templates can help you create professional videos by giving you an easy-to-use starting point. In this series, we're focusing on the best-of-the-best projects that you'll find in the Elements library. Each of these projects are included as part of a subscription to Envato Elements.

Best Channel Promo Template: YouTube

The YouTube promo template is our top choice for Adobe Rush. It's short, sweet, and to the point: a video preview from your channel transforms into the YouTube logo with a URL link to your channel.

  • Who it's for: Anyone promoting their YouTube channels
  • Why we like it: This template brings a sharp look without diminishing your creative content

Best Video Promo Template: YouTube Promo

YouTube Promo is a great way to promote your best videos. Simply drop in your content and watch it roll on a sleek on-screen player graphic.

  • Who it's for: Anyone promoting their YouTube video content
  • Why we like it: Simple and stylish

Best Channel Graphics Pack: The YouTuber Pack: Comic Edition (V2.0)

The YouTuber Pack: Comic Edition is a cartoon-themed mega-pack of graphics to give a new level of whimsy to your YouTube videos. For a more serious alternative from the same author, check out the equally-good The YouTuber Pack.

More YouTube Resources

  • Who it's for: YouTube creators who want to have some fun with their videos
  • Why we like it: A big pack that includes everything to add a cartoon element to a production
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